May 29, 2024

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Custom micro screws could be the answer to your next genius invention or project

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The humble screw has not changed much over the years, there have been the same old basic screws with the same standard heads like Philips head, Robertson head, flathead, and others have not been changed and for good reason. Imagine purchasing all new screws and tools to fit the latest screw head created. Luckily there have been some changes made like the length, width, and depth of the all-new micro screws. These changes can make smaller parts for much smaller creations engineers and inventors are making today.

Electronics, household gadgets, and robotics are some of the largest users of these micro screws and they can require new sizes that have yet to be made. US Micro Screws can create custom tiny screws for any project you may be working on. The revenue of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the U.S. reached $30 billion in 2017, and will continue to grow as technology advances in the coming years.

There are multiple other industries that require tiny screws and fasteners to complete their projects. These tiny screws are found in watches, jewellery, children’s toys, and can even be found being used in the automotive industry. There are so many amazing new projects and products coming to the market these days it is easy to see why micro screws have begun growing and producing in massive shipments. It certainly does require a skilful person to work with these tiny screws and there are a growing number of inventors and engineers stepping up to grasp these skills.

Inventors have been coming up left right and centre with the great new hit shows that feature inventors and get them investments. As these numbers grow so will the number of tiny screws and fasteners to create these beautiful new business ideas and products. Technology inventors are growing, cell phones are changing and the world is becoming a place where the entrepreneur lifestyle is welcomed with open arms. With more opportunity to make, create, and imagine than ever, just remember that there are custom screws availaable for any great creation.