May 30, 2024

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Electrical System Design

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In this video, you will learn about electrical design services. Designers follow a process in developing a vision for their process. Engineers start the process by planning out the entire electrical load.

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Then, they develop a spot for electrical loads like transformers. A building can hold a certain amount of energy per the town energy code. If the building doesn’t meet the standards, the engineer will have to modify the energy usage. This is all hard to determine during the planning phase. The engineer will determine the service voltage and building utility voltage. The engineer looks at how the equipment will be used and goes from there. The electrical engineer gets the electrical amount usage from all of the appliances in the building. The engineer is responsible for determining the location and all devices. Panelboards are usually located in closets. The architect must preserve spaces for electrical equipment. All power equipment is circulated to all panels. The types and sizes are all determined by the electrical engineer. Panel loads are computed and show how much electricity is converted through that panel. After computing, the engineer checks the work and coordinates the electrical design. Keep watching the video for more information.