June 23, 2024

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Have You Ever Had to Take a Paternity Test?

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No paternity test was ever needed. As soon as your soon to be husband saw the twin three year olds, there was absolutely no doubt the the young boy and girl were his. The beautiful live skin tone, the dark brown eyes, and even their chins were dead give aways. That one time visit, however, did not change your finance’s life. Both before and after the visit he still payed the court ordered child support, never demanding the paternity tests that many would have asked for in the beginning. Taking the mother of these children at her word, the father followed through on the financial responsibilities that he was assigned, but had no desire to see the children after that one initial visit.

A Positive Paternity Test Does Not Make for a Perfect Father

If you have children with a man who, for whatever reason, you are no longer with, but he is still around for your babies, be grateful. It does not matter if he was a terrible husband or boyfriend. If he is a good dad, then step aside, take a seat, and let him be a father. If you do not even like him anymore then he is allowed to not like you anymore as well. Your children, however, are not pawns. There are many children who would do anything to know their daddy, and if you are too busy being petty bitter it might be time for you to grow up.

The fact of the matter is even if a paternity test identifies or confirms the connection between a dad and his children, this does not mean that person will become a part of the children’s lives. And while DNA paternity tests may help some mothers get the financial help that is needed, this does not guarantee that the identified father will decide to take on the role of fatherhood.

Paternity Tests, Drug Test Kits, and Other Kinds of Health Screens Only Provide Medical Answers

No matter how much progress science has made and no matter how exact blood and DNA tests can be, the fact remains that this medical information does not solve any problem. Confirming that someone tested positive for drugs does not fix an addicts problem. And positively identifying the father of a newborn child does not mean that the father will become a part of that child’s life. For as far as science has advanced in the last century, there is no simple answer to addiction, no easy solution to children who grow up with only one parent in their lives.

It is easy to be impressed with the certainty of drug and paternity tests. In fact, with the latest advancements there are many answers to be found in hair follicles, blood work, and urine samples. These answers, however, do not always result in solutions that will make anyone’s life much easier. A parent or a spouse may know for a fact that a loved one has indeed been found driving with a blood alcohol content that is unacceptable, but that does not help a family determine the kind of rehabilitation facility that will help address the problem. And while a new mother may be able to prove in court who the father of her unwed children are, but this most certainly does not mean that this male will be the kind of father who will provide the emotional support that a child in today’s world needs.

Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that blood and urine tests are used in our world today:

  • Government research shows that one out of six workers has a problem with drug abuse.
  • Paternity tests were only 80% accurate just three decades ago. Today’s DNA paternity tests, however, produce results with 99.999% confidence.
  • More than 9.5 million urine drug tests were positive in the2015 U.S. workforce.
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  • Causes American businesses to lose about $81 billion a year, according to a survey on urine drug testing, nearly 75% of adult illicit drug users are employed.

Finding solutions to the information confirmed by these tests, of course, is the biggest challenge.