April 16, 2024

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How Is Your Parenting on a Snow Day?

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Your friends are so organized while you are the kind of I will just wing it kind of mom. In fact, you think that you might need lessons and you particularly miss your friendship with one woman you used to spend time with. You are going to make you seeing her more often a priority in an effort to stay motivated even on those days when you really should just be enjoying the time your children are at home.

Even though you knew three hours before you went to bed last night that the school district was going to have a snow day, you have zero plans besides eventually caving to tablets, something that you would really rather avoid. You wish you had the foresight to get the pickleball accessories out of storeage and book time at a local court. Your friend is a bit of a type A, and with three wild boys she says they all do better and have more fun if they plan ahead. And while they do not always follow their plan totally, she believes that a little structure is helpful. You, on the other hand, rarely have a plan and fear that too often you are letting your boys let technology rule their days.
On this particular snow day, however, you really do have no plans and you really are committed to leaving technology as the very last resort. The roads are too bad for you to even think about joining up with your friend who has a list for the activities they will tackle today, so instead you tell your two sone and one daughter that they can each pick their favorite board game. In an effort to model the no technology approach, you have even left your cell phone upstairs and your laptop unopened. What resulted was a great day of enjoying your children, listening to their laughter, watching their actics, and just being a mom. An hour into the game play, however, you noticed that your younger son was always a step behind, often asking for someone to repeat what had just been said. Once this caught your attention you realized that it was likely time to take him into a doctor who could test hearing and see if there was a problem. As the middle child, this son has always been the pleaser and has been really quick to pick up on social clues and judge a situation. You are beginning to suspect, however, that many of these efforts were also a way for him to compensate for poor hearing.

Pediatric Audiology Offers a Way for Many Children to Live Their Best Lives

Knowing when to get your child’s hearing checked is not always as easy as it might sound. And while schools provide some physicals with diagnose hearing lists, many parents will need to rely on their own pediatrician to determine if further diagnose hearing list test is needed. The latest research indicates that only two to three out of every 1,000 children in the U.S. are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. When these one or two children are your son or daughter, however, it can be easy to miss the signs. Fortunately, the latest digital technology combined with standard diagnose hearing list procedures can help audiologists not only detect a problem, but also pinpoint a solution. From the newest hearing tests to the latest hearing aid customization, there are now more and more ways for parents to help their children get the help that they need.

In addition to using latest technologies and the more standard diagnose hearing test for children, of course, there are many times when these tasks are also needed for adults as well. For example, as many as 15% of American adults, which is the equivalent of 37.5 million, aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. This higher percentage when compared to the number of at birth hearing losses is contributed to many things. From illness to noise pollution to accidents, in fact, there are many ways that a person can lose valuable hearing abilities as they age.

From the snow days when you get to spend some unexpected time home with your children to the days that they do spend in the classroom, diagnose hearing list testing is important.