June 23, 2024

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A popular and common feature in commercial and residential buildings alike is climate control, when the HVAC system will generate and distribute cooled or warm air to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. This is possible with th4e blower fans and air ducts alike, and in the United States today, some 90% of newly built houses have ducted heating and cooling utilities installed, ready for work. But there is more than one way to build duct fittings, and the traditional rectangular model is facing some competition. Today’s round ducts, such as spiral ducts and oval ducts, are proving efficient to both install and use, and such round ducts are gaining ground. On the commercial side, HVAC repair and installation crews can buy round ducts parts from suppliers, and manufacturers can save on steel when making these round ducts. Homeowners, for their part, may enjoy a lean and efficient system that keeps them warm and cool all year round.

Improvements in Air Duct Tech

Nearly all electric-powered items today have their efficiency and power usage measured, and this includes air ducts, too. Manufacturers are working hard to make the most efficient and practical models possible, and often, round ducts are up to the job. It is possible for only half of the fuel’s heating value to make it as warm air, if traditional rectangular ducts are used alongside a furnace that barely meets modern standards and a vented attic or crawl space. What is more, these rectangular ducts are bulky, and some buildings under construction will not even have room for them at all. Compared to compact spiral ducts, these rectangular ducts need a lot of room, and they require three extra inches on each side so joint fittings and other hardware can be installed. Such ducts often suffer from damage and develop leaks, which greatly harms the system’s efficiency. The electric bill will go up in a hurry as the HVAC system works overtime to make up for lost air.

None of this is an issue with spiral duct models. For one thing, they are slimmer than rectangular ones, and so they can be installed nearly anywhere without issue. They don’t even need that extra space for joint fittings and the like, and air can flow efficiently through their lean bodies. And not only are these round ducts appealing for the property’s occupants, but the various crews involved will like them, too. Installation workers will appreciate how they fit into nearly any building, and these round ducts are also cheaper to purchase, store, and transport compared to rectangular ones, making them a great choice for business purposes. As for manufacturing, round ducts are cheaper and easier to make than rectangular ones, and they require less sheet steel to produce. Many industries today are conscious about pollution and resource consumption, and steel is very widely used. So, precious steel is conserved when these round ducts are produced instead of older models, and they are easier to assemble compared to those old models.

So, a construction company can turn to these round ducts suppliers for a job, such as making an office building, and take advantage of this air duct model. The manager can look up “oval duct suppliers near me” and browse their options, to find a supplier that has enough oval duct materials to provide at a reasonable cost. In other cases, a construction job calls for residential duct fittings, such as for a whole neighborhood of new construction homes, and local suppliers may be ready to help with that, too. Overall, installing those round ducts is cost efficient, lowering the construction job’s expenses, and of course that is to be desired.