April 15, 2024

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The Holidays Are Coming Back Around! Here Are Five Smart Cables That Will Spread The Cheer

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Taking good care of your electronics means knowing when to throw in the towel. Technology moves rapidly, after all, and just a year or two of neglect can render your purchase obsolete.

On the plus side, upgrading isn’t an all-or-nothing affair. Sometimes just buying a new set of cables can deliver a souped up performance worthy of today’s highest-tech locations! With the holiday season approaching rapidly, choosing the right one can feel like working within a ticking clock. Should you look into cell phone cable accessories or skip them in favor of fiber optic cables? What is the difference between networking cables and crossover cables?

Keep things simple with a simple list. Below are five smart purchases you can make at your local electronics shop this holiday season.

Boost Your Internet Connection With Fiber Optic Cables

Not all cables are made alike. Before you get into the highspeed HDMI cable, consider the power of the fiber optic cable. The very first one ever made was first used to connect the United States to France and Britain back in the 1980’s. Unlike conventional cables, it uses a delicate glass design to send information at the speed of light. If you’re someone that works with a lot of expensive technology, this could just be your next great purchase.

Consider CAT Cables For All Other Ethernet Purposes

If the fiber optic cable seems a little too much, there’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned CAT cable. These are designed to create a smooth Internet experience. The CAT6 cable, in particular, contains four pairs of copper wire to create the highest quality signal. The CAT5e, however, is considered perfectly viable for most households today. Combine them with the highspeed HDMI cable and you’ll have the best entertainment set-up in your neighborhood.

Keep Your Phone Working With Better Charging Cables

Have you been struggling with charging your phone this past year? Does it never seem to hold a full charge as long as it should…or does it just take forever to reach 100%? You need to charge your phone with a better cable. According to today’s experts, it’s also recommended you don’t wait until you’re at 0% before plugging it in. Charging your phone at 40% will preserve its battery and extend its lifespan significantly.

Protect Your Electronics With A Surge Protector

Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure. Buy a surge protector that will keep your electronics safe from the event of a sudden power outage. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International’s recent survey, 80% of professionals find surge protectors a vital part of their set-up. The number of joules listed on the surge protector will tell you the energy absorption rating. The higher, the better, as you can never be too prepared!

Check Out The Newest USB Cables For Those Future Presents

Before you set up the house for the family gift share, make sure you’ve got some USB cables for those future presents. Devices are constantly changing on a dime, sometimes able to be charged and other times just plain obsolete. USB 2.0 compliant devices are able to reach maximum transmission rates of 480 Mbps, while USB 3.1 compliant devices can transfer data at 10 Gbps. Back in 2017, nearly 65% of all Americans owned an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Which one do you think you’ll get this year?

Take good care of your electronics. Invest in an highspeed HDMI cable or crossover cable that sticks with you.