June 23, 2024

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The Quick Guide to Installing Composite Decks

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To install a composite deck, you must start by measuring individual planks as shown in the video. By measuring individual decks, you’ll ensure the subsequent decking planks are appropriately sized. Then, cut them according to their sizes.

After cutting the planks to the correct sizes, set the composite decks to the joist. To do so, use a putty knife to help you slip the planks parallel over the joist.

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Use a fastener as you install the composite decks. With the help of the fastener, you can ensure the extrusion along the composite decks perfectly fits into the joints of the already laid planks, leaving a consistent airspace between the composite planks.

To further ensure the planks are tightly held to the decks, you have to use a screwdriver to drive screws through each fastener and into the joist. This ensures the composite decks stay intact. Again, for uniformity on composite decks, every time the screws are drilled through the planks, it is advisable to use a plug matching the color of the deck to hide the screw holes. After all this work, it is best to use end nippers. This way, you can trim off or remove any spikes from the sides of the planks. As such, you will reduce the possibility of injuries due to such spikes.

Lastly, follow the same procedure with every other composite deck you are installing. This is because the process is repetitive. But most importantly, you have to possess the stated tools to ensure your installation process is seamless.