June 23, 2024

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Art is famously difficult to define and highly subjective, but it can be said with certainty that creating art is a universal human endeavor. Similarly, all people from all parts of the world enjoy art and are exposed to it every day, in many different forms. This ranges from novels and graphic novels/comics to television programs, stage plays, symphonies, and of course, painting and sculpture, among others. Art is often found in galleries and exhibits around the world, and major cities such as Paris, London, Rome, and New York City are excellent places to view the best galleries of all. But art isn’t reserved for society’s elite echelons; art can be found in such places as a dentist’s waiting room, a public library, a hotel lobby, and even in an office space. Art prints and framed photos, such as magic realism art prints for sale or the work of local photographers, can make all the difference and nourish the human mind. Even eccentric and whimsical art or abstract art prints can have this effect.

Art as a Business

Does art really play a major role in the modern American and global economies? Who is buying these magic realism art prints for sale, anyway? Since art is universal, this supports a strong business for desirable art pieces, and the global art market was valued at $64 billion USD in 2017. In the United States alone, around 113,000nonprofit organizations employ around 2.2 million artists in the workforce, a major part of today’s economy. Advances in computer and internet technology made art even stronger, since salaried and freelance artists alike can be commissioned to make artwork for websites or commercial products. An artist may be asked, for example, to make the box art for a board game, or digital designers can create a visually appealing website for a hospital, right down to their choice in colors and use of stock photographs. This is a young but rapidly growing field, and digital artists can find work just about anywhere, often on their own terms. And, of course, there is the profession of art consultant, when a professional is asked to find suitable art to place in a client’s building, such as framed magic realism art prints for sale or expert photography.

Art and the Human Mind

While many aspects of nature are appreciated as art, such as a blossom tree or a sunset, nature does not consciously create art as we know it. Rather, art is made for and made by the human mind, and this helps keep art relevant in all time periods of human history, even a highly industrialized age like this one. Art often has a therapeutic effect on the mind, and this has been studied more than once. In fact, studies say that looking at beautiful art, whether abstract art prints for sale or a fine portrait in a museum, can increase blood flow in the brain. This will activate the same area of the brain as when a person looks at a loved one. Viewing art can help reduce stress and anxiety, and make a person feel calm and creative. Many museum guests were surveyed to confirm this, and they often had lowered cortisol levels, too.

This is why magic realism art prints for sale, abstract art, ethnic art, and much more all finds its way in public areas, based on context and taste. A doctor’s office or dentist’s office can be a stressful place, or a dull place for someone waiting a long time. Placing attractive art there can entertain the visitors and help them feel at ease, and it may actually look odd if art isn’t present. The same is true in a library, a place where creative thinking is encouraged, and a hotel lobby must have attractive art to complete its homely feel. Art also has a place in offices, since expressive visuals like framed art, potted plants, and creative arrangements of desks and chairs can make workers there feel more creative and motivated. An art consultant can be hired to choose framed photos and prints, or even paintings from amateur artists, and set them up all over the office. This may also impress guests and make them feel more welcome.