May 29, 2024

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Three Elements of Successful Oahu Helicopter Tour Excursions

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When it comes to the best holiday dream destinations for travelers and vacationers, Hawaii is undoubtedly among the fun’s favorite. This place offers unparalleled breathtaking sceneries with extensive exotic forests, a host to many bird species and wild animals, several islands and miles of white sand beaches. Hawaii also features dramatic swelling waves perfect for surfers and some of the most beautiful cliffs and waterfalls in the world.

Ohau, the third-largest island in Hawaii, is one of the places you should visit and get a taste of what Hawaii has to offer. The island of Oahu in Hawaii is 597 square miles and has one of the most popular and beautiful sand beaches of 112 miles of coastline.

It has a blend of both worlds, a vibrant nightlife and magnificent scenic attractions that can only be appreciated better with helicopter rides in Oahu. Ten of thousands of visitors flock this place to enjoy helicopter tour rides that offer great sightseeing adventures for nature lovers.

Three Elements of Successful Helicopter Tour Excursions

There are many companies offering helicopter rides in Oahu and finding the right one can mean the difference between a memorable and a not so interesting Hawaii helicopter tour. Here are quick tips for choosing the best Oahu helicopter tour.

1. Safety is Key in Helicopter Tours

The first consideration when choosing the best helicopter tours in Ohau is safety. Here, safety is considered in terms of pilot licensing, regulation and flight certification. Generally, helicopter tour companies are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Part 135 Air Carrier), which ensures operators meet high set standards in training and experience than common aviation operators.

Another safety aspect you need to look at is the crash and accident records of the helicopter tour company; acquire this information from the National Transportation Safety Board. The accident database is very exhaustive, and so be sure to narrow to Hawaii, which is where you are touring, and select helicopter as the type of aircraft. Some unscrupulous helicopter tour companies will try to change their details to hide their safety incidents and avoid liability in case of an accident, take note of that.

2. Be Aware of the Seating Arrangement

It’s important to know the seating capacity and arrangement of a tour helicopter before boarding. But most passenger helicopters are generally designed with a capacity to carry 6 people; two at the front and four at the back. If you’re going to seat at the cabin, choose the seats next to the windows for maximum view. The middle seats are often obscured from direct views and you’d normally have to stretch to catch a good view of the scenery.

Eco-star and A-Star are more popularly used for air tours and widely used for helicopter rides in Oahu. They both feature a single-engine designed to deliver good speeds while maximizing fuel efficiency. Eco-Star is built with a spacious cabin and large windows for superior external visibility. It’s also has a silent rotor system for a smooth and quiet tour.

3. Book Early in Advance to Avoid Sell Outs

Booking online allows you to enjoy discounts from tour companies that are encouraging direct bookings on their services. However, such discounts sell out pretty fast and so you need to seize the opportunity when you see it. You’re also guaranteed of best prices if you book your seat rather than having to pay in cash at the pickup point.

Tips on How to Enjoy Helicopter Rides in Oahu

Now that you’ve booked your seat and ready to enjoy the views of great Hawaii, here are few things to keep in mind before and during your Oahu helicopter tour.

  • Take medications if your prone to motion sickness
  • Wear properly, avoid loose clothing, jewelry and sandals
  • Change your camera setting to high-speed burst mode
  • Dark clothing are ideal for minimizing window glares
  • Listen to the instructions and seek clarifications if necessary
  • Don’t eat too much before the tour