May 30, 2024

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What Everyone Should Know About Personal Injury In The United States

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From car accidents to medical malpractice to even product liability cases, personal injury cases are incredibly commonplace all throughout the United States. As a matter of fact, as any personal injury lawyer can attest to, there are many reasons that one might contact a personal injury attorney working for a personal injury law firm – even outside of the reasons listed above.

Of course, car and other such motor vehicle accident cases are by and large the most common reason that people reach out to a personal injury lawyer. After all, up to 52% of all personal injury cases can actually be linked back to car or other such motor vehicle accidents, making them the most common kind of personal injury case in all the United States. Fortunately, this means that the typical personal injury lawyer will have more than enough experience in dealing with such matters.

But how does a car accident lead to the need for a personal injury lawyer? There are many root causes of car and other such motor vehicle accidents that very much set the stage for a viable personal injury claim. For instance, a personal injury lawyer or specialty car accident lawyer (under the personal injury umbrella) is likely to take your case if the other driver caused the accident by driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, this scenario is far more common than many people think, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Drunk driving is a widespread issue, as it is actually estimated that around 300,000 people drive while under the influence of alcohol on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the toll is high, with up to 28 people (on average) losing their lives on a daily basis in relation to drunk driving incidents. And someone is injured in relation to drunk driving for every two minute period of time that passes by. If you have been the victim of a drunk driving incident, it is likely that you will be entitled to the settlement that can be reached through a personal injury claim.

Of course, drunk driving is certainly not the only way in which accidents of this nature occur. Driving while under the influence of other substances totally separate from alcohol is also far too commonplace in this world. Unfortunately, such accidents account for more than 15% of all car and other such motor vehicle accidents that are seen throughout the country (around 16% of them, to be just a little bit more exact). For all too many people, life is irrevocably changed in such events.

Wrongful death cases can also result from these incidents, as many people die in various car accidents throughout the course of the typical year. In fact, the year of 2017 alone saw more than 40,000 motor vehicle related deaths. Unfortunately, this number is not uncommon on a year to year basis, especially here in the United States. And when these deaths could have been prevented, a wrongful death suit may occur, something that your typical personal injury lawyer is likely to be able to help you with as well.

Of course, personal injury attorneys can deal with any number of other personal injury cases as well. Medical malpractice claims are also very common, even making up as much as 15%, very nearly one fifth, of all personal injury cases. Personal injury cases in the realm of medical malpractice are so very common that as many as 20,000 such claims will be filed over the course of just one year. Therefore, it is clear to see that issues surrounding medical malpractice are hugely influential in the lives of many people, much as in the way of car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents, for that matter.

The personal injury lawyer plays a hugely critical role in the lives of many. For those who have suffering in car accidents or other such motor vehicle accidents to those who have dealt with medical malpractice, the personal injury lawyer can help. After all, a successful personal injury case is one that can bring with it a great deal of settlement money, money that can be used to get back on track in life.