May 29, 2024

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What Happens During Fire Watch Training?

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If you are a business owner in welding or another related field, you may need to hire a fire watch service to keep everyone in your company safe at all times. Fire watch is an important service that ensures all potential fires are seen and stopped before they spread. In welding especially, there are a lot more instances where a potential fire could occur.

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That’s why fire watch is such an important service to hire. In this video, an expert will go over what happens during a fire watch training.

One of the most important things a fire watch professional needs to do is watch over the entire warehouse and ensure all is going well and catch any potential fires that may happen. The fire watch professional must stay in their position during all hot work. This means, during welding and any other kind of work that causes hot sparks to fly around. They must also stay in position during breaks. This is to ensure no potential fires are left unattended to spread and cause harm.

Watch this entire video to see what happens during a fire watch training.