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A fire sprinkler is a vital component of commercial building fire protection systems. The system is usually installed at the side walls or ceiling. It consists of water distribution, water supply, sprinkler ahead, and piping system. When fire is detected, the sprinklers discharge water automatically. An ideal fire sprinkler is both fire detection and suppression system.

Types of fire sprinklers

The main types of fire sprinklers are a dry pipe, wet pipe, precaution, and Deluge. A wet pipe fire sprinkler system is the most commonly used in residential buildings. Sprinkler head releases Pressurized water once a set heat level is reached. Dry pipe sprinkler systems are usually used in unoccupied or unheated buildings where pipes are susceptible to freezing and bursting. The pipes store pressurized air or nitrogen gas connected to a main or storage tank. The fire activates the system, air in the pipes leaks out causing water to flow to the sprinkler head.

The deluge sprinkler system is used in building that is at higher risk of rapid-fire damage such as high rise buildings and loading bays. An alarm trigger opens a water release valve. Similarly, per action sprinkler system is used in areas with high risk of water damage. The system features combination of dry and wet pipe systems. Automatic fire sprinkles are more effective especially in shopping centers and other large areas. Automatic fire sprinklers have been in use in the U.S. since 1874.

Fire sprinkler installation

Fire sprinkler system installation should only be done by certified company. The fire sprinkler contractor should follow standards and codes set by NFPA. The ideal time to install sprinkler in your home is when building a new home or doing home remodeling. In addition, ensure only approved components that are tested by third party are used. You can learn fire sprinkler design by following fire sprinkler online training. By the end of these online courses you can become a fire sprinkler expert.

How sprinkles work

Fire sprinklers for home feature a piping network that is filled with pressurized water running behind the ceiling or walls. In the event of a fire, air temperature rises. An increase in air temperature leads to sprinkler spraying water over the flames and extinguishing the fire. However, only the sprinkler near the fire is activated.

Sprinklers react very quickly making then very effective. They reduce flames, heat, and smoke. This reduces risk of death by allowing people sufficient evacuation time. Without sprinkles, fire would do massive damage before firefighting team arrives at the scene. Sprinkles not only contain fire, but also extinguish it completely. This saves lives and reduces property damage.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

The process of installing a home sprinkler system is far much simple as compared to commercial systems. Commercial system installation, inspection, and maintenance requirements are very complex. You can find fire sprinkler online training for series of blogs. The training covers installation, proper materials, maintenance needs, function, and materials. However, a fire sprinkler online training will enable you to design a fire sprinkler system from scratch. Also, you will be in a position to provide exceptional solutions that can protect life and safeguard people’s properties.

Each system of water flow and pressure specification is designed to meet water demand. A professional contractor will install enough sprinkler heads to sufficiently cover necessary area. The systems have a network of pipes that feed water to the sprinklers.

The head of the fire sprinkler system is glass tube filled with liquid that is heat sensitive or soldered metal link. The heat from the fire causes the soldered link to melt or liquid to break the glass. Consequently, water rushes out from the pippin and it’s fanned across the room. Automatic water fire sprinkler design is effective, simple and reliable.

Finding a qualified contractor to install fire protection system is the most critical step. An experience fire sprinkler system designer will determine the parts used and extent of the system used. Some organizations such as Fire protection Association provide certifications for fire sprinkler design training course. The internet is awash with fire sprinkler online training courses. A good fire sprinkler online training course should have interactive modules. The learning content should be available for 24 hours.