May 29, 2024

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What You Should Know When You Want To Buy An Engagement Ring

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If you’re planning to propose to your partner, it’s likely that you’ve taken your time in the process, made sure that this is the next step for your relationship (after all, up to 88% of all married couples in the United States have married for love). And many couples nowadays stay together before getting married for quite some period of time. In fact, the typical couple will have been together for around five entire years before finally getting married – with the average engagement lasting just under a year in total duration. Living together before the big day is also common, as up to 70% of all couples will do this, sometimes long before ever making the decision to get married.

Planning the perfect proposal is a must for many a married couple to be. Of course, the ideal proposal will look quite different from couple to couple, as no two couples are the same and have the same wants and needs and desires. For some couples, a dramatic and public proposal is the ideal, complete with pictures and spectators and the whole deal. For a great many couples, however, the opposite is very much true. Private and intimate proposals are par for the course for many couples as well. As long as the proposal fits the couple, it’s likely to be perfect.

In addition to planning out the act of the actual proposal, getting the right engagement ring is also hugely important. And again, many brides to be will prefer different styles of engagement ring. Some like them big and flashy and sparkling, while others much prefer something more minimalist and understated. Both types of bride to be (as well as many others) are likely to find a great deal many options available to them. For the simpler bride, a solitaire cut is likely to be ideal. First popularized and utilized back in the year of 1886, this type of engagement ring is quite simple, with one stone and a simple band. The materials used for the stone and the band will likely vary, at least somewhat, but the actual style is likely to remain a consistent classic for some time to come.

When it comes to the stone, the diamond engagement ring is still very much a fan favorite, so to speak. Diamond engagement rings are high in quality and keep for forever, if they are cared for well. After all, the diamond rates a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it one of the hardest naturally occurring materials in all the world. The lab created diamond has also become quite popular. Many people feel that a lab created diamond is not only the more ethical option in regards to diamond consumption, but the most environmentally friendly option as well. In addition to this, a lab created diamond is likely to be considerably less expensive than a diamond that has been mined from a natural source.

The band used for these diamond rings is something else to consider, as the materials used for these wedding bands and engagement bands will also vary. Silver, like the diamond, is widely popular for engagement rings and wedding rings alike. After all, silver has been in use for a truly incredible period of time, dating back as many as 6,000 years. Because of this long history, it is safe to assume that silver is a high quality and reliable material indeed, one that, like a diamond, will stand the test of time if provided with the proper care and keeping.

All things considered, buying an engagement ring is likely to be more simple than you initially think it might. After all, with so many options out there, there will be something for everyone – and every price point. And it’s important to remember that, while the engagement ring is important, it is ultimately a symbol for something that is much larger and more meaningful indeed. Finding the right ring, one that is high in quality and perfect in style, is more than worth it at the end of the day, even if it takes some time to actually be able to accomplish.