June 23, 2024

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A car or truck owner is responsible for all kinds of repair and upkeep for their vehicle, and they can take their truck or car to a nearby auto shop for inspection and maintenance. This can keep a vehicle running at its best, and nothing should be taken for granted. Aside from changing the oil filter or replacing brake pads, the car owner should also know when the tires need to be inspected, inflated with more air, repaired, rotated, or replaced. Wheels and tires are mundane, but they need care too, and at a tire shop, the crews will know just what to do. Even relatively cheap tires are better than very old and deflated ones, and damaged or deflated tires are actually dangerous on the road. Don’t forget the wheel rims, either, which will also need care.

A Good Tire

If a car tire is in good shape, then it has well-defined grips, it’s tough, and it’s fully inflated for a solid body that boosts the car’s mileage. But over time, any tire will start to wear out, and this can lead to all kinds or problems. What might go wrong? For one thing, a very old tire will start to deflate and leak air constantly, even if it gets pumped with more air, and a partially deflated tire is too soft and lowers the car gas efficiency. Worse, these floppy tires might make the car’s driving erratic and sloppy, and that will increase the odds of a car accident. A substantial number of auto incidents involved one more more cars with very old tires on them.

Besides that, old tires are worn down and don’t have very good grips, which can be a real issue on icy or snowy roads, or during rain. These old tires may also be more susceptible to getting punctured on the road, after they hit broken glass, tree branches, sharp rocks, or the like.

So, a car owner may keep a lot and note the date and odometer reading whenever they get new tires or get a tire rotation done. This helps the owner know when to have another rotation done or get new tires entirely, to keep them in good shape. If a tire does get damaged, and if the damage is not too serious, auto shop workers can patch up the hole and restore the tire’s function. In other cases, though, it’s time to remove the tire and put on a new one.

New tires are tough and fully inflated, which can restore a car’s safety and gas efficiency on the road. A tire shop should have a number of brands on hand, and a customer may choose a tire in their price range. Even gently used tires can be helpful, and some tires are very specialized. Some of them are meant for snowy and icy conditions, and a car owner can get them if their area gets snow and ice in winter. Some card drivers will wrap chains around their tires to help improve the grip even more for winter driving conditions. Also, some hobby drivers are going off-road, and they need a set of specialized tires meant for rough terrain such as rocks, sand, grass and dirt, and even shallow streams. A typical tire is meant for paved roads, but off-road models certainly exist.


A car’s tire will fit onto an aluminum rim, which in turn goes onto the inner mechanisms of the car wheel. A good rim is stylish and can endure the rigors of driving, but it may suffer from dirt or dents from time to time. A rim can be removed at a shop and the staff will pound the dents right out of it. Rims are also easy to wash off with rags and soapy water, but take note that steel wool scouring will scratch the surface, so that’s not recommended. And many car enthusiasts opt for new rims entirely, which are often stylish and are designed with street racing in mind. Hobbyists can also repaint their rims a new color and add lights or spinning hubcaps to improve the car’s aesthetic during a meet or race.