June 23, 2024

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Why You Should Pursue an MA in Public Administration

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Public Administration as a degree is not as well known as its counterpart – the MBA. However, an MA Public Administration gives you similar skills and knowledge, while qualifying you for specific types of work. The attached video gives three reasons why you might want to consider this degree.

One reason why you might want to pursue an MA in Public Administration is that the public sector, and specifically, government functions, grow in a stable way and require educated workers. However, the presenter emphasizes that this degree can also help you qualify for jobs outside the government as well.

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The second reason is that an MA in Public Administration gives you opportunities to grow and expand into other areas. When you review the career of a person with an MPA, you will find many times that they took interesting twists and turns and ended up in something they really love.

Finally, an MPA will often allow you to make a direct impact on the community. This is particularly true for jobs in local government and nonprofit organizations. In many cases, you are doing things to benefit the lives of others, and you get to see your impact. The video goes on to share other reasons this might be the right path for you, and talks about specific jobs and careers linked to an MA in Public Administration.