June 23, 2024

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5 Important Maintenance Tips for Your Fuel Pump

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Jet skis are a nice investment to have, especially if you’re an outdoor adventure person and love to take part in adrenaline-charging activities. These machines are not just fun to ride on, those with a decent amount of horsepower can be used for towing water skiers, tubers and wakeboarders for even more fun water sports.

However, when it comes to taking care of your jet ski, regular inspection and maintenance are necessary for improved machine performance. Ensuring that the fuel system on your watercraft is in proper condition is critical for the overall jet ski performance. Here you need to inspect the fuel system in detail including the most important parts as the jet ski fuel filter and pump. This goes to all the different types of fuel pumps like motorcycle and snowmobile fuel pumps. Here are simple maintenance tips you can consider for keeping your jet ski fuel filter and pump in a good shape.

1. Keep Your Fuel Pump and Filter Clean

There is no compromise in keeping your fuel pump and fuel filter clean if you want to enjoy smooth jet ski performance. The fuel filter helps to remove dirt and tiny debris on the fuel system which could potentially clog the lines reducing the watercraft performance. Therefore you are recommended to regularly inspect and replace your fuel filter every year or anytime they develop a problem.

2. Ensure the Fuel Pump Operates at Cool Temperatures

Like any other electrical motor which produces power, jet ski fuel filter and pump also heat, but overheating can result in the engine a number of problems such as engine cranking but failing to start and power supply issues. To ensure this does not happen, always keep your fuel tank at least a half-full to allow proper fluid dunking which, in turn, cools down the pump.

3. Keep Your Fuel System Free of Impurities

When refilling fuel there is a possibility of contaminants such as dirt entering the fuel tank, something that you don’t want. Though a jet ski fuel filter will remove much of these foreign particles, too much gunk and dirt in the tank can damage the engine completely.

4. Use Quality Fuel and System Fluids

Don’t compromise on the quality of fuel you use if you’re looking to attain peak performance with your jet ski. You need to make sure the pump is fully submerged in the fluid to increase fuel supply efficiency to the engine; the fuel also needs to be of good quality. Prime fuel keeps your engine happy and machines performing at its peak.

5. Always Stabilize Fuel

If you rarely refill your tank then your fuel is susceptible to gel, which makes it impossible for the fuel pump to draw fuel to the combustion chamber. So you need to consider using fuel stabilizers that protect your fuel from gelling, particularly during extreme cold seasons. When applying the stabilizer make sure you run the engine for a minute or two for the product to completely go through the fuel system.

Some of the common engine problems associated with fuel pump systems include inadequate power supply, misfires, and sudden stalls. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to examine your fuel system including the fuel pump and filter, and consider repair or replacement with components that are in good condition and able to perform to the desired levels.