May 21, 2024

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5 Tips to Help You Identify the Right Boroscope Service Provider

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The United States extracted natural gas amounting close to 750 billion cubic meters in 2016. This made the U.S. the biggest natural gas provider in the world. The abundance of natural gas explains the existence of many gas turbine plants that supply power to different communities. It goes without saying that turbines play a major role in the global energy sector. On the flip side, turbines can disappoint if they aren’t properly maintained. This is the reason why gas turbine inspection needs to be top priority. But how do you go about getting the best borescope inspection services near you? Here are tips that’ll point you in the right direction.

1. Proven Track Record

They say that experience is the best teacher. This is true when it comes to finding reliable borescope inspection services. Rarely will you go wrong with a borescope inspection service provider that has a proven track record. A company with a success record in this field knows how to go about different turbine support services. This is not to say that a new borescope inspection company is bad. However, the truth is that you’re better off hiring experienced companies. Experience means that you’re likely to have the job done correctly the first time.

2. Customer Care

A serious gas turbine inspection company views customer care as a top priority. The last thing you need is hiring a firm that doesn’t care much about your gas turbine inspection needs. With excellent customer care, the experience will make every penny paid worthwhile. This is because there will always be someone to attend to your needs in the shortest time possible. Something as simple as a phone call will help you know if a service provider values customers. A rude phone conversation should tell you that they’re probably not the best to hire.

3. Wallet Friendly

You’ll agree that we are living in harsh economic times. Austerity measures are key to the survival of your business today. Saving on operational costs is a good place to start to help you achieve this. A budget-friendly company is the best when it comes to borescope inspection of gas turbine. It would be in your best interest to always request for a price quote before hiring any given service provider. This will help you know if the service provider risks setting you back financially. In fact, the best thing to do is to get several price quotes for comparison purposes.

With that said, an extremely discounted price does not mean that you’ve landed a good deal. There is a reason why they say cheap is expensive. A ridiculously cheap borescope inspection service will most likely compromise on quality. This means that you might end up paying more in the long run. Striking a balance between cost and quality is the ultimate goal.

4. Reputation

Hiring a company with a good reputation is among the best decisions you can ever make. Thanks to the internet, identifying reliable companies is not hard. With a few clicks, you’ll know what others have to say about a given company. It’s even possible to filter recommended service providers in the industry. A few negative comments are nothing much to worry about. If majority of previous clients regretted hiring a certain company, it’s wise to give them a wide berth. However, if most clients seem satisfied, then you can almost be rest assured of a great service. In a nutshell, keep off companies that seem to have a bad reputation.

5. Specific Inspection Services

Turbine systems inspection can be a delicate procedure. Hiring professionals in this field is the best way to get a great result. Note that whereas steam turbines operate at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, a gas turbine can go as high as 2,000 degree Fahrenheit. This means that it is always wise to hire specific inspection services depending on your equipment. A borescope inspection accurately detects imperfections because it is a precise technique. Boroscopic inspection of gas turbine keeps you a step ahead of potential equipment problem.

Finding a reliable gas turbine inspection service provider can seem difficult. However, knowing things to look out for will help you get value for money. With these tips, you’re assured of making the right decision.