May 29, 2024

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Always Keeping Your Pets With You After A Loss Information You Should Know

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In the United States there are many pet owners. In fact, more than 75 million people own dogs. In actuality, this number is more than any other country in the world! However, this isn’t surprising as individuals love pets. Many own dogs, some own cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more. Immediately, pets become part of the family. They are there through it all. They cuddle and support their owners when the owners are a sad, they make their owners smile, and they play with their owners providing lots of laughs. There’s endless love between pet owners and their pets. However, just like people, pets do not live forever. All pet owners experience the loss of a pet. It’s devastating, but there are ways in which pet owners can always keep their pets with them. If you’re a pet owner that has experienced the loss of your pet, here is what you need to know.

Cremation And Cremation Urn

Cremation is a process individuals can choose before they pass on. Essentially, it’s a decision on what happens to your body after you are gone. Cremation is an alternative to a traditional burial in a casket. The method of cremation involves burning the body. Cremation is becoming increasingly popular as the years progress. In fact, cremation is expected to increase to 78.8% by the year 2035. However, cremation isn’t just for the human body. Individuals can choose cremation for their pets once they pass away. Additionally, this is where a cremation urn comes in.

Before discussing cremation urns, and what to do with your pet’s ashes, there are many benefits of choosing cremation for your pet.

Cost: Many individuals choose cremation when they are pet owners because of the cost. You can, in fact, bury your pet in a pet cemetery but it can be quite costly. Therefore, choosing cremation is more ideal. This is especially true if you’ve spent an ample amount of money taking your pet to the veterinarian in order to care for them medically.

Legally: When some pet owners lose their pet, the desire to bury their pet close to them in the backyard is very strong. However, there are many towns and locations that do not allow you to bury your pet in your own backyard. This is because digging up your backyard could possibly cause damage to it if you hit something like a gas pipe. Therefore, cremation is ideal if you want to follow the rules.

Convenient: Similar to cremation with people, cremation with pets is pretty simple, convenient, and quick. So, you can get to honoring your pet in a personalized pet memorial.

Cremation urns are a way for you to keep your pet with you, forever. You can keep the urn in your room, on a shelf in a living room, or wherever you travel to. Needless to say, you never really lose your pet. Additionally, you can hire engraving services to engrave your pet’s urn and transform it into something special and beautiful.

Personalized Coaster

Aside from cremation urns, there are other ways in which you can honor and keep your pet close to you after they pass away. One way is with a personalized coaster. You can personalize a coaster by placing your pet’s picture on it, or engraving it with special sayings or words. A personalized coaster is now not simply a product to use in your living room or dining room. In fact, many pet owners do not use them. Instead, they keep them in the living room or dining room, as a way to remember their beloved pet forever. Not only do they have their pet in a cremation urn, but they have a personalized coaster that holds all the memories you’ve shared with your pet.

Personalized Cutting Boards

You can also choose a personalized cutting board to honor your pet in similar ways a personalized coaster would. Many pet owners do not utilize their personalized cutting boards. Instead, they can hang it in the kitchen as a way to honor and remember their pet. You can put your pet’s picture on it and sweet quotes as well.