May 30, 2024

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Essentials of Spray Foam Insulation Here is what you should know

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Spray foam insulation has been used for many years, especially in the aviation industry. However, this insulation method has been adopted increasingly in residential and commercial buildings recently. The tremendous growth is because spray foam works in tandem with other conventional insulation methods. It provides thermal comfort and a host of other immediate and long term benefits.

So, what exactly is spray foam insulation? It is an insulation material that insulates spaces where it is applied. Also known as foaming insulation, the material air seals homes to provide thermal comfort. The liquid insulation material is divided into two parts. Both spray foam parts are separated and only mix at the application point. The chemicals are subject to heat inside Graco spray foam gun parts. Usually, spray foam insulation is applied in the attic, basement, exterior walls, and interior walls.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Very Powerful

Compared to other popular insulation methods, spray foam is far much better. It effectively seals crannies tightly thanks to its expansive nature. Its ability to provide an airtight seal, otherwise known as resistance value is ranked R-6. This is the highest rank in the market today. Homeowners can take the insulation a notch higher by adding fiberglass batt insulation.

Airtight seals

Spray foam seals cracks and holes in the attic completely. Air leaks are among the leading factors that increase energy bills. Powerful airtight seals of spray foam insulation are more than 20 times less permeable to air infiltration compared to other insulation types. Spray foam expands, hence blocks gaps where air, moisture, and pest can pass through. Users endear it due to this impeccable air sealing quality. Spray insulation covers even the tiniest cracks so that air will have nowhere to go.

Long Life

Spray foam insulation contains an inert polymer which makes it have an extended life span. This means that once you apply spray foam in your home, you will reap its benefits for many years. This insulation method performs optimally for more than 20 years.

Prevents Molds

Spray foam insulation is not only resistant to water but also molds. It contains inert gases that do not support mold growth. This means that your home will be protected from mildew and mold. Basically, there are two spray foam parts, closed spray foam, and open spray foam. Open-cell foam does not close completely but forms a sponge-like material. Closed-cell spray foam, on the other hand, contains air sealing and chemical qualities that promote mold growth. It also enhances structural integrity of your home by providing added strength.

Energy saving

Spray foam insulator is very powerful such that business and commercial establishment report significant changes in energy expenses. Poor air filtration accounts for up to 40% of energy loss in a building. Spray foam insulator slashes energy expenses by up to 50% or more. It is very efficient in air sealing such that air from outside will not seep inside. This means that your HVAC will run more efficiently, hence save you energy. This means you will save money.

Environmental Friendly

Spray foam insulation is ecofriendly in numerous ways. First, it reduces energy consumption in a household. Secondly, it prevents moisture and growth of mold. Lastly, it is long lasting, hence it uses few materials. Spray foam parts also have a soundproof attribute. This means that external noise will not come in and noise from inside will be contained within the walls.

Moisture Barrier

Exposed cracks and holes do not only allow air into your home but also moisture and water. The good news is that spray insulation is impermeable to water.The insulation will seal your attic and prevent it from moisture and leaks. Also, it will not absorb water like other insulation materials. Spray insulation retains its insulating capabilities regardless of how wet it gets. Here is another interesting thing. Spray air foam is class 1 fire retardant. This means that fire flames will spread very slowly.

Spray foam is an excellent choice if you want a more energy-efficient, drier, and warmer home. It is among the best insulation methods today. While it is more expensive than fiberglass, spray foam parts are worth every single penny.