May 21, 2024

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Behind The Rise Of Gardening In The United States

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Having hobbies is important, no matter who you are or what you might do throughout the day to day course of life. After all, life as we know it is largely stressful, filled with responsibilities and obligations, which often make up the majority of our day to day life. But taking the time to do something for yourself – in big ways as well as in small ones – can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall quality of life. Therefore, having something that you enjoy doing well outside of the realm of responsibility is something that everyone should be able to do, though hobbies will certainly vary (and sometimes quite immensely indeed) from person to person.

For many people, the ideal hobby of choice is gardening. After all, rates of gardening have been steadily climbing all throughout the United States. Older gardeners still make up the majority of gardeners at 35% of the American gardening population, but younger and younger people are becoming interested in this activity as well. As a matter of fact, the data on the subject is clearly in support of this claim, showing that nearly 30% of all gardening households are made up of people who fall between the very young ages of 18 and 34. In the years that are ahead of us, the gardening population is likely to be made up more and more strongly by this group.

After all, there are many different ways in which one can partake in gardening activities. For those who do not have access to something like a backyard, such as is the case for many a city dweller, houseplants are likely to be ideal. And houseplants too have grown more popular than ever before, with nearly one third (around 30%, to be just a bit more specific) of all homes in this country having at least one houseplant, if not even a good deal more. Houseplants are easy to keep and care for, as there are many varieties of houseplant that don’t need particularly strong sunlight to thrive. And there are various other types of gardening that can be done inside as well. Kitchen herb gardens have become common, as such gardens do not need much space and grow quite well when they are a part of hanging gardens or even on windowsills and in other open spaces near sunlight. Herbs can be a great way to spice up your cooking, saving you money, improving your food, and allowing you to indulge in a hobby as well.

Of course, the typical backyard space is ideal for gardening as well, and gardening can be done in your backyard whether or not the backyard in question is particularly sizeable. Backyard gardening can also be quite diverse and if you don’t know where to start when it comes to backyard gardening, going to a local home garden center can be largely helpful. These home garden centers will allow you to look at a variety of options, as well as speak to professionals who work there who are likely to be able to give you additional advice for your backyard gardening endeavor. In many cases, you will likely decide to garden with native plants to your region, as this is ideal both from an environmental perspective as well as for making it easier for your garden to thrive, something that is certainly ideal for any gardener out there but is especially key for the novice gardener.

You can even use your backyard to cultivate something like a vegetable garden. Growing a vegetable garden can be hugely rewarding indeed, allowing you to garden and use what you have grown. Vegetable gardens are very environmentally friendly as well and can even ultimately save you money on your grocery bills as well. Growing seasonal vegetables is something that just about everyone can do when they have and backyard or outdoor space. Even if you don’t have a backyard, using an above ground planter on a porch or patio can be ideal and more successful than you might think.

At the end of the day, there are a great many ways in which one might participate in gardening.