June 24, 2024

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Can Air Duct Cleaning Be DIY-ed?

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In the video above, the reporter highlights the neglected state of the house’s ductwork, revealing it had never been cleaned, not even through an air duct cleaning and repair service. The accumulation of debris, including remnants from the construction phase, became a concern, prompting the need for a thorough cleaning process. The reporter goes through the steps of this DIY journey, employing a homemade vacuum and duct whip crafted from everyday items like a barrel, leaf blower, OSB sheeting, and flexible foil ducting.

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Next, the reporter showcases the ingenuity behind the makeshift vacuum system, emphasizing the simplicity of its construction. Venturing into the specifics, he details the assembly of the vacuum, addressing alternative options for the barrel and stressing the importance of a sturdy container. The homemade duct whip, a key tool in the cleaning process, is also introduced, revealing its construction from basic components and its effective use in sweeping dust and debris from the duct sections.

As the cleaning unfolds, the reporter provides a step-by-step visual guide, highlighting safety measures such as wearing protective glasses. The careful selection of vent openings, sealing connections, and systematic cleaning of duct segments are all part of the demonstrated process. The efficiency of the homemade vacuum and duct whip is evident, showcasing a successful DIY approach to addressing long-neglected ductwork.