April 16, 2024

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Understanding the Ever-Changing College Admissions Trends

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The college admissions process is becoming increasingly competitive. With the rise of more applicants, colleges are being forced to develop new and innovative ways to select and admit students. As a result, there have been many changes in the way college admissions work over the past few decades.

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In this article, we’ll look at some of the most recent trends in college admissions and how they are impacting the process.

Less Emphasis on ACT and SAT

Many colleges are making standardized test scores optional. This shift of interests means your GPA, class rigor, and extracurriculars have more importance. The admissions process has become more holistic, taking into account all aspects of a student’s high school experience.

Adding Your Website in Your Application

The Common App has more places to share your passion project or website. Whether it’s social media, coding, or an online portfolio of artwork, use this opportunity to show the admissions board your talents and interests.

Showcase Your Intellectual Curiosity

Colleges are looking for students who have a real interest in learning and exploring ideas. Show admissions officers how you engage with the world around you, through your activities and classes. Demonstrate that you’re someone open to new experiences and knowledge. Opportunities to research and grow your knowledge can highlight your academic and intellectual value to the college admissions team.