June 23, 2024

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Dermaplaning The Most Gentle Shave

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The skin on our face is some of the most delicate on your entire body. Because of this, you need to take extra time to ensure that we are regularly caring for ourselves and the skin you’re in. If you’ve ever thought about removing the hair on your face, Dermaplaning is a great way to do it.

You can get this noninvasive procedure done in the office by an aesthetician or you can do it yourself at home.

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Before you begin, make sure to start with a fresh face. Pull your skin upward and gently glide the razor up. You can find dermaplane razors at many beauty supply stores with a guard on them to protect you from cuts.

Dermaplaning may not be the right option for everyone. If you struggle with acne, this practice may further irritate your skin. On the other hand, for folks who have Rosacea, dermaplaning could be a useful alternative to using harsh exfoliating products.

Great skin is the number one secret to great makeup, and dermaplaning is a great way to help lay that perfect base for a smooth, flawless finish. It’s a great self-care practice to implement into your routine.