April 16, 2024

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Understanding Group Card Breaks

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This video will give you an understanding of how group card breaks work. Group breaks are an enjoyable way to spend your leisure time with others. What are group breaks? How do they work?
Group card breaks is a live online game involving a breaker, participants, and a box of cards.

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The breaker is the one who opens the box. The cards inside are then divided and assigned to each participant according to the teams they bought.
Participating in group breaks is like placing a bet, which means you are not guaranteed to get any cards from an opened box. You can get a spot in a group card break by random picking, voluntary selection, drafting, or serials.
Random picking matches a list of names to the available teams before the break. In voluntary selection, you get to choose your group.
In a draft, participants choose their teams depending on their names’ position on a randomly created list. In serials, participants are given cards that match their previously assigned numbers. The cards you win are shipped to you after the game is concluded.