May 30, 2024

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How Estate Cleanout Companies Help Families

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In this video, watch Taco head over to a house where everything must go. The new owner is throwing out anything Taco doesn’t take, so it’s all about figuring out what’s worth taking and what’s genuine trash. New owners or realtors often employ estate cleanout companies to clear out a home when the previous owner or tenant has left a significant number of items in the house. Savvy scrappers who keep an ear to the ground can find out about these cleanouts and get permission to root through the contents of a home before it all gets consigned to a dumpster.

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Exciting finds in this home include burlap sacks with bright graphics, some glazed ceramics, and even a vintage lunchpail. It’s exciting rummaging through with Taco to see what he finds.
What estate cleanout companies don’t take into account is that some of this apparent “junk” might have great resale value or even just nostalgia value for the right buyer. Experienced auction and flea market regulars get the chance to really put their knowledge and experience to the test during an estate cleanout.
Which items catch Taco’s eye? Watch the video to find out!.