July 15, 2024

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To say it’s important to have a solid roof on your house is quite the understatement. After all, you need a good roof on your house to keep the elements out and it also represents about 40% of the individual exterior of your home, playing an important role in the aesthetic of your house.

When it comes to your roof, being ignorant of roofing issues such as cracks and leaks and broken shingles can have disastrous consequences. While having your roof repaired by a remodeling service or roofing contractors can cost money, failure to address nagging roofing issues right away can result in longer-term problems.

Eventually the time will come when your home is in need of some roof work, whether that’s a roof replacement or just some patching up. You’re probably wondering how will I know? Looking for these signs will give you a good idea of when you should reach out to remodeling service or roofing contractors:

  • Leaks: Water typically accumulates at a different spot from where it enters your house or leaks from. If you’re looking for leaks, you can find water dripping after it reaches a low point after dropping down from like rafters. Some are very easy to spot but others require a more careful eye. A contained leak can usually be stopped but if not, it’s best to reach out to a remodeling service help you patch things up.
  • Water issues: when it comes to having to replace a roof, water issues are usually at the heart of the problem. Finding a spot on your ceiling or some kind of leak can sometimes be fixed with some caulk, but if not you’re going to need to reach out to professionals to address the problem right away.
  • Other signs: In addition to water issues and leaks, you’re also going to want to keep an eye on other things such as general wear and tear and exposure to weather. It’s estimated the average roof lasts about 20 years depending on which materials are used and the climate it is in. Wear and tear, cracks and other signs could be your cue to consider a roofing replacement.

So if a roof replacement is what you need, you’re probably wondering what kind of roof is best for your house. Here’s a look at several different kinds of roofing to help you make the best decision:

  • Asphalt: It’s estimated that about 75% of all North American houses have asphalt shingles. The shingles have a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on the climate you’re in. They’re popular because of their longevity and their ability to blend looks and overall cost. The shingles are made of fiberglass which is sandwiched between ceramic materials and asphalt, giving the shingles strength and also making them waterproof.
  • Metal: Metal roofing is also praised for its longevity because it can last 50 years or more. Typically metal roofs are installed for their eco-friendliness, durability and energy-efficiency. They are also resistant to fire and can increase wind resistance. Cooper and aluminum are just a few different metal types that are used in metal roofing.
  • Slate: This kind of roofing is also durable from anywhere from 75 to 150 years and it’s favored by many homeowners because of its distinct texture and beauty.
  • Tile: This type of roofing is very popular in the southern states due to its ability to reflect Heat. Tile is fireproof and holds up well against weather, especially against the damage caused by extreme kinds of weather like earthquakes and hurricanes.

It’s estimated that the roof contracting industry does about $46 billion in annual revenue. So whether you need a total roof replacement or maybe just some patchwork, talking to local remodeling services and local roofing companies about what your options are can give you some idea of how to move forward. These professionals have all the experience and knowledge to give you the best advice for how best to keep your roof functioning at its best.