April 15, 2024

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Installing Proper Business Signs of All Types

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There is no doubt that marketing and advertising are essential for any brand in any industry, and every year, millions of dollars are spent researching and studying the best methods for advertising in the modern era. These studies say that both traditional methods, such as sign installation, and digital marketing alike are effective, so a business would do well to take both routes. While digital marketing is based on clicks and search engine usage, sign installation appeals to the many Americans who go out and about each day for leisure or work. Nearly everyone goes outside, and while walking or driving a car, they are going to see all kinds of signs, from creative custom signage to billboards to commercial signage atop a building’s roof, and more. Such signs vary in their contents and construction methods, but they are all geared to draw the eye and entice consumers to visit the business to make a purchase of some sort. Just what kind of marketing power do these signs have?

Statistics of Signs and Their Appeal

Businesses would not invest so much money in sign installation is these signs were not effective. Indeed, studies confirm that even in the age of the Internet and mobile electronics, signs are still relevant for marketing in all sorts of ways. For one thing, it has been noted that around 85% of a business’s ideal customers live within a five-mile radius of that business, so signs placed inside that circle will efficiently advertise that brand to many people every day. A typical person in that area may see that brand 50 to 60 times per week, which is plenty of exposure by many standards. Other studies say that the value of on-site signage is similar to that of 24 full-page newspaper ads every year, and around 79% of Americans say they remember a business because of its physical signs.

A sign is an excellent chance to make a good impression and boost awareness of a brand or business. Around 70% of all surveyed Americans said that they equate a business’s quality with that of the sign, so a well-made and attractive sign gives them confidence in that business. This helps draw customers in. By contrast, a shoddy, ugly, or confusing sign will make a poor impression and draw in few people. Newer businesses may get half their customers just from proper sign installation, so it is vital for them to make their signs attractive and prominent, and make their meaning clear. This may be especially true for small, one-location businesses that have limited use for a digital marketing campaign. A sandwich shop or coffee shop or novelty store, for example, may greatly rely on its signs to bring in foot traffic (rather than using online ad space or TV ads, for example).

Sign Strategies and Types

What makes for proper sign installation? At the very least, that sign and its message should be easy to see, so many signs are placed right over the business’s front door, such as in a strip mall. Some locations put their sign atop a tall pole for increased visibility, such as some restaurants and auto repair shops. Large signs are placed on the roof where there’s enough room, and small signs can be placed on the sidewalk, held up with a metal or wooden stand. A double-sided easel with chalk board faces is a sign too, useful for small shops whose employees can write anything they need to on that sign’s faces.

Many sign are made of plastic, wood, and metal, and may feature light bulbs inside so they can glow at night for better visibility. Businesses that operate mainly at night will typically use neon and electric signs for maximum visibility, such as bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters. Outdoor signage may even feature LED displays, which can show animated visuals to catch the eye, or show a series of signs and thus act as many in one. Schools and houses of worship may have a free-standing digital marquee, which can be programmed to show a variety of messages that scroll across the screen for relevant parties to read, such as a high school’s upcoming football game.