April 15, 2024

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Preparing for an Outdoor Party In a Tent

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Anyone who is preparing to host a party, such as a wedding or a bar mitzvah or a charity event, will need to set up all the hardware at the venue and get everything ready. Different events require different prep, but it is common to include party tents rentals, linen rental, chair rentals, and table rental for outdoor activities. But party tents rentals and table rentals should be done in the correct order, since one step will provide essential information for how to handle the next step. When you are preparing an outdoor wedding or large outdoor birthday party, for example, party tents rentals come after table rentals, not before, and for good reason. If done correctly, all these rentals can make for a comfortable and stylish event at a fair cost. Exact prices vary, of course, but it is usually much cheaper to rent all these items than purchase them, and many rental companies can be found in cities and large towns.

Table and Chair Rentals

Before any party tents rentals can be done, the party’s hosts and organizers should begin with the guest list, so they can figure out how to handle table and chair rentals. The event’s hosts should assemble and finalize a guest list, which might vary anywhere from 50 to 300 or more, and a hard figure is essential. With it, the hosts will know how many tables (and what size) to rent, so everyone can be seated comfortably. Now, the event’s organizers can visit businesses that rent out tables and chairs, and find the desired number and type of those items to rent. Some tables are round, while others are square or rectangular, and they may vary in how many people can sit at them. Some are made of wood, and others are metal and fabric, for varying levels of formality. The renters will know what they need, and also rent the correct number of chairs for those tables.

Now to determine the square footage of the event. It is not a good idea to simply estimate the necessary square footage for the tent, since a too-small tent can’t hold everyone and a too-large tent is a waste of space and money. With all the tables and chairs accounted for, the event’s organizers can arrange them so that there is enough space between the tables for people to walk comfortably, and there should also be enough room for people to slide their chairs in and out to get up. Once this is done, a hard figure for the square footage is determined, and that makes party tents rentals possible. Bonus: when assigning seating, place elderly guests and those with physical disabilities at the outer tables, for safety and convenience.

Renting Tents and Linens

With the tables and square footage set up, it’s time for other rentals. Dedicated linen rental companies are also important for planning a party, and the event’s hosts can visit them and rent the correct number and shape of linens for the tables that they have borrowed. As long as the size and number is correct, the other factors are a matter of taste, such as the linen’s material (cotton, silk, etc) and patterns or color. Note that table rental companies and linen rental companies are separate.

Now for the tent, and the event’s hosts can look up and visit local party tents rentals companies to find something they need. It’s important to do this in person, so the guests can look over a tent and check it for tears, rips, holes, stains, and other defects or problems. A tent of the correct square footage can be rented, and set up in time for the event. Many tents come with extra features or may have items added to them, for decor or practical reasons. Many large party tents come with fabric walls and plastic windows, for a more formal, indoor feel (and privacy). Dance floor mats and pieces can be assembled for the party, and in warm weather, air conditioning units may be fixed into the tent’s fabric walls. Strings of lights can also be attached to the tent’s body for decor and illumination during the evening or night.