June 24, 2024

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Local and Long Distance Moves Completed by the Moving Company for Anyone in Need

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Moving companies are needed for almost everyone across the country, both a local and long distance for residential and commercial customers alike. An office move is a difficult change, even if there is only a need for local movers. A commercial moving company is often able to provide either a local or long distance move and is able to help with all the challenging details of getting everything out of the office. Some of these commercial moving companies may be needed most often by small businesses that are changing rental space throughout their growth.

Hiring a Local or Long Distance Moving Company

No matter the moving services that your company needs for office relocation, moving companies are able to work with all of the packing and moving combined. You should also take on some flexibility when it comes to the quote that is presented for moving services. It is recommended that about 25% addition should be added to what you expect to pay for those services. Whether you will take on a local or long distance move, it is important that you are prepared to handle all of it from beginning to end.

A Local Moving Company or Long Distance Movers

Both residential and commercial moving is often completed within the same city, making the need for local movers quite frequent. With the number of items that are often included in any home or office being as much as 300,000, there is nothing better than having a moving company available to help with the entire process. Given the numbers across the country, long distance movers are not quite as common as the local movers. With many states recorded as having moving companies travel across the nation, long distance moving is not quite as common as local moving service.

Using the Moving Company

As of 2017, the local move was one of the most common, with well over half of movers staying in the same county. This added up to about 62% of movers who wanted those new or better homes within their same county. Most movers include a family that is made up of a couple between the ages of 18 and 34 along with two children. However, as people get older they are less likely to move.

Most often, couples and families state their reason for moving as wanting a new or better home or apartment. While that may cover a broad range of reasons, it covers the desire for a local move while you are still happy with your community and school district, among other characteristics. With all of these family moves, the moving companies of 2016 built an industry of almost $86 billion. And with over 35 million Americans moving each year, the need for local movers continues to rise.