April 16, 2024

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Precautions to Take in a Free Falling Elevator

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Using elevators is safer than using stairs. This is according to the general annual statistics collected in the United States based on fatalities. We all have that fear somewhere in the back of our minds, however, that an elevator might put us in danger. So, how can you survive a free-falling elevator?

The chances of surviving free-falling elevators are quite high since few fatalities are recorded due to free falls. So, what action should you take? Should you squat to flex your knees, jump to reduce the impact, or lay down flat? Considering various factors, lying down flat is the safest bet to survive a free-falling elevator.

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For instance, if you opt to jump, it is somehow impossible to determine when the elevator will reach the bottom.

In a free-falling elevator, no force pulls you towards the floor, and you also feel weightless. For you to lie down flat, you need to look for a means to pull yourself down. Then it would help if you held yourself to prevent yourself from bouncing off the floor. Since you aim to survive, the supine approach has the highest odds. Additionally, it may also be the best option for minimizing injury risks over a shorter drop.

There are few cases of free-falling elevators, especially where elevator repairs are conducted more often. But, it is crucial to know and remember the approach if an incident occurs.