April 16, 2024

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Winter makes chores around the farm twice as hard as they need to be, the cold is unbearable, the wetness creates a huge mess, and the animals can get very uncomfortable if they are not properly dressed for the weather. Injuries are a common occurrence and there can be a number of things you can do to make your life easier this winter.

Maintaining all the tack within the stables is a handful on a regular day but when winter hits it can create even more stress. Keeping an organized barn will help to ensure nothing is forgotten during night and morning routines. Horse blanket liners, horse fleece blankets, and horse sheets should all be stored within the same areas. Riding helmets, horse knee boots, shoulder guards and other protective equipment should be stored in the same area as well, in a well lit, dry area to ensure they stay in great shape throughout the winter.

Properly cleaning and maintaining equipment in the snow can be a challenge but if not kept up can cost you hundreds in replacements. Make it a priority to clean everything before it is stored, set up an area at the entrance of your tack shed or barn where you can scrape, wash, and dry all items before they hit the shelves. Cleanliness can be one of the biggest challenges in any home during winter nevermind a place that homes animals and farm equipment.

Injuries on the farm are a common occurrence for the animals as well as the farmers. There are many more obstacles to watch for in the winter months whether they are hidden under ice or snow or simply a patch of ice that leads to a slip or a fall. If you happen to come across an injury on the farm try to look for ways to avoid them the next time. When you have an injured horse, posture is often the first sign something is wrong. This can include shifting body weight from side to side, refusing to move, and refusing to bear weight. Wearing proper shoes or horse knee boots can prevent slips and provide proper grip.

If you find yourself uncomfortable during winter you can also take the time to create a routine to make your body feel better after a long day of farm chores. Using a wrist brace for pain if you suffer from arthritis or aching bones can be a huge help. There are all kinds of other neck braces, horse knee boots and supports for therapeutic purposes to create a comforting rest at the end of the long winter nights. Take advantage of all the products out there created to make farm life in the wintertime somehow bearable.