May 21, 2024

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Nature’s fury, as they call it, can describe any natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and more. These events may cause a lot of damage to the natural environment and to human structures alike, and while there is no way to prevent those disasters, steps can be taken to minimize the damage. Meteorologists, geologists, and more are always hard at work studying these disasters, so that they can better predict the timing and location of those events. This makes effective evacuation efforts possible. But what about the buildings left behind, such as condos in the path of an oncoming hurricane? No one can pack up the condo and take it with them, but hurricane sliding glass doors, hurricane glass windows, and more can do some good. Window manufacturers in Florida and similar regions may offer hurricane proof doors and impact windows, and offer them to construction companies. For this reason, a representative from a construction company may look up “condo and HOA expo Fort Lauderdale” to find examples of this hardware. When looking up “condo and HOA expo Fort Lauderdale,” a company is taking the first steps to finding the newest and best models of hurricane proof windows and glass doors.

Hurricane Power

Even the smaller hurricanes can cause a lot of damage, and this can get very expensive very fast. Statistics show that in the 20th century, some 158 tornadoes struck the United States, and the state of Florida alone was hit with 57 of them, with Texas experiencing another 26. A hurricane brings powerful winds (and thus wind-blown debris), flood waters, rain, and hail, and even tornadoes in some cases. Back in 1992, the huge Hurricane Andrew struck Miami, and it created a total of 62 tornadoes during its lifetime. Now, in the 21st century, data suggests that hurricanes are even more powerful and frequent than ever, possibly due to climate change. Hurricane Irma is a good example of this. Forming in 2017, this enormous storm ranked as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record, and it contained an incredible seven trillion watts of energy and had 185 MPH winds for 37 hours. This storm utterly devastated the Caribbean, and it’s possible that a storm of this caliber may strike again. So, construction companies and window manufacturers are trying to stay one step ahead.

New Window Models

In any building, especially taller ones like hotels, the windows are a weak point during a hurricane or tornado, and the same is true of sliding glass doors. But it is not an option to simply omit those features, so construction companies in hurricane-prone areas will install specialized windows and sliding glass door systems built to endure the winds and debris of a hurricane. A construction company’s manager will want to know about the most recent innovations in this field, so they can look up “condo and HOA expo Fort Lauderdale” to stay updated. When looking up “condo and HOA expo Fort Lauderdale”, that manager may assign a team of buyers to visit that expo and see what is available.

Many industries regularly hold expos and trade shows, where many companies may send sales rep teams who run booths. At these booths and displays, a company may show off its latest innovations and ideas, and the sales team may speak with interested buyers and answer their questions. The human element is important here, and sales reps may be friendly but professional while answering questions and making sales offers. This even includes the construction industry, where hurricane-resistant door and window models can be found.

A construction company, armed with these latest window and door models, may make a new condo, hotel, or apartment safer with those windows. Such windows and glass doors have a special glaze on them, and a glaze system rated at +105/-130 can endure hurricane strength winds over 100 MPH, these windows may also allow wind-blown debris to bounce right off of them. This is vital, since a broken window may allow rain and winds to get right into the building and wreak havoc inside. But hurricane windows resist winds and dramatic differences in air pressure. Older buildings can also be outfitted with new windows to stay safe and up to date.