May 30, 2024

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Purchasing Refurbished Equipment Is a Wise Investment

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World crude steel production in 2017 reached 1.69 billion tonnes, which is an increase of 3.9% from 2016. That’s a lot of steel production that can cause a company to go through a lot of equipment. Businesses that use steel on a continuous basis may find it expensive to purchase new equipment, not to mention time consuming. An induction furnace can last for many years, but repeated use can wear them down sooner rather than later. An induction heating coil can wear out causing a slow down when it comes to steel production.

What should you do when you are facing a slow down in production? Should you purchase a brand-new induction furnace for sale? Or should you learn more about refurbished equipment? Refurbished equipment is a popular choice within the steel industry today. It could be in your best interest to invest in refurbished equipment.

Used Equipment – Get High Quality Equipment at a Lower Price

Just because an induction furnace has been refurbished does not mean it is low quality. This is actually a common myth when it comes to purchasing refurbished equipment. Used equipment that has been refurbished can last as long as a new version. When you want to save money without compromising the quality of steel produced, refurbished equipment is the answer.

Refurbished Induction Heating Equipment Can Cut Back on Costs

Sure you want to save money for your business and purchasing refurbished equipment can help you do just that. It is about more than just saving money on equipment; it is about saving money overall. A used induction furnace is also eco-friendlier. Your company is essentially recycling and reducing waste by purchasing equipment that has been refurbished. Keep induction furnaces from taking up too much room in the trash when they could still be used.

Does Your Business Need an Induction Forge Too?

16% of steel produced in the world is used to build mechanical equipment for the manufacturing and robotics industries. This calls for a high-quality induction forge. Steel melting for any industry calls for an induction forging furnace that can keep up with industry standards and surpluses. You can also purchase a refurbished induction forge or the replacement parts to keeps your running efficiently.