June 23, 2024

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Quarantine Is Ending Its Time to Have Some Family Fun

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The quarantine has affected us all. There isn’t a family or individual in the country that hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Things have been and remain scary. And sadly, no one really knows if we’re out of the woods in terms of the virus spreading. Things are beginning to open up, sure, but we can go right back into quarantining any day.

Just because the virus could continue to spread, however, doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have fun. There are still plenty of things that are fun for the whole family that you can do as the quarantine begins wrapping up and the world starts opening up again — one phase at a time.

Keep in mind, whether it’s next week or a year from now, you and your family need to be extremely careful. These are unprecedented times and we all must remain vigilant in order to prevent a second wave of this virus.

Here are some fun activities to consider doing with your family, with friends, or by yourself in the next few months:

Work on your golf game

Even if we’re under full quarantine once again, golf is one of the safest activities you can do. Plus, it’s one of the most fun activities of all time! It’s fun for the whole family! You don’t have to be good at it — you probably won’t be for a long, long, long time. But golfing is such a great way to relax, have some fun, and spend some excellent time outdoors. Also, you can golf as much as you want by yourself, with a friend or two, or with the whole family!

Head to a new restaurant

Checking out a brand-new breakfast restaurant with your spouse or your family can be so much fun. It’s been a stressful few months and dining establishments are finally opening up — so it’s a great time for you and your family to have some fun in a new place and try some tasty meals.

Upgrade your home (or search for a new one!)

Okay, so maybe upgrading your home doesn’t sound like the most fun activity you and your spouse could be doing as the weather gets nicer. But it’s all in your mindset. The typical homeowner plans to spend more than $10,000 on home renovations but you don’t need to break the bank and stress about money. DIY home projects actually can be a lot of fun if you start thinking positively about them. You can bring your kids into some of the easier projects, too. If you have Kubota zero turn mowers and a teenager willing to help out, have your kid work on the yard while you and your spouse perform some cool additions to your home.

Another fun family activity can be actually searching for a new home. Though it can be scary and stressful, once again, it’s all in your mindset. Start by sitting down with your spouse and researching how to sell my house for cash. Then, it’s best to contact a skilled local real estate developer.

Plan a trip

Approximately 1 billion U.S. passengers fly every year. Although you probably won’t be able to travel anywhere exotic for the foreseeable future, you can still plan an amazing trip. There are airplane charter services that will safely and efficiently take you and your family wherever you want to go. A trip can be relaxing and fun for the whole family.

You can travel domestically across the U.S., as well. Keep in mind there are certain COVID-19-related restrictions that could impact traveling to certain states. If you can get into a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you and your partner can check out some marijuana dispensaries, as well!

Keep in mind, you might want to hold off on taking a plane at least for a few weeks or months. “Planes are a major concern,” said Dr. William Miller, an epidemiologist at Ohio State University College of Public Health. “Traveling by car will be safer than traveling by plane or train. The main risks in a road trip are the stops along the way, such as restaurants or public restrooms.”

Buy a boat or an RV

Check out some pontoon boats for sale and you and your family can decide what would be the perfect one for everyone. Also, you find and purchase an RV and plan an annually fun-filled family camping trip! Make sure you’re accounting for recreational vehicle storage for the colder months, as well.

Build something cool

If quarantine continues for another few months, all you and your family will have is time. Take this time to build something fun. If you’ve always wanted to build a kit car, now is the perfect time to do it! Start by doing a little research online and make sure you have all the right tools.

Make sure you have all the necessary parts and tools before you begin any project! If you do order a few packages and then realize you didn’t need them, you could always call and ask for a UPS refund.

Play some backyard games

You and your family have probably been stuck inside your home for months. That can get pretty boring. It’s time to get outside and get active! Depending on the age of your children, you can play all kinds of fun games that can get you all moving. Hide and seek, capture the flag, or just let your kids’ imagination run wild! It’s important to get outside as much as possible and get active, this can improve your health and relieve all kinds of stress.

Plan a fun-filled family competition

Get creative with this! You can do all kinds of fun competitions that will strengthen your family bond and lead to some much-needed fun! Maybe a trivia night, a family Olympics, or an art contest! Involving your kids in these kinds of activities will be so much fun for everyone and lead to memories that you’ll cherish for your entire life.

Go on a picnic

It’s simple, f your family misses picnics in the park, you can bring this amazing activity into your very own backyard. Start by packing a lunch (sandwiches, fruit, potato chips, etc.) and then load everything into a cute basket and bring it outside! You can either set up a great spot in your backyard or head to a local park. Either way, you’ll have a blast and get plenty of fresh air and some sunshine!

Head to an amusement park

Plan a trip to the nearest theme park on an upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Invite some other friends or family members to tag along and have a great weekend! Make sure you’re checking the park’s hours beforehand and find out about what COVID-19 related restrictions are currently put in place. There could be a limited number of people who are allowed into the park at once so make sure you call ahead. Also, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and masks.

Build the best fort of all time!

If you really stop and think about it… building a fort inside your home might possibly be the most fun, cheapest, and most memorable activity you could do. If your kids are between the ages of one and 10, they will almost fall over with excitement at even the suggestion of building a fort. They’ll play and laugh and let their imaginations run wild for hours. Even they are a little bit older, maybe between 10 and late teens, they might pretend to be too cool for a fort, but as soon as they start letting themselves have fun, they’ll have a blast! With toddlers, all you have to do is stack a few cushions on top of each other and a blanket or two. With older kids, it can be a lot of fun — even for you — to design all kinds of awesome forts! Just have fun with it!

Construct some nature structures

For a fun and imaginative activity, you can build models of different things with items in nature like leaves, twigs, pebbles. Start by making an outline of your plan or just let your kids run wild with their creativity. It might be a great idea to give a little science lesson beforehand, too. This way, it’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s educational, as well.

Talk about growing your family

These kinds of conversations, though important, can be tough to navigate. If you and your spouse discuss having another baby in an upbeat and respectful manner, however, it can lead to a magical future. You can always do a little research and find high-quality birthing beds in order to prepare for your future little one on the way.

Play the break the ice game

This is a cool game that is actually very easy to set up and play. All you have to do is get a few household items and you’re ready for a night full of laughter and fun for the whole family. Each player gets a cup, tissue, rubber band, toothpick, and five dice. Make sure you secure the tissue tightly over the cup and then place three dice on top of the tissue. Then, rolling two other dice, players poke a toothpick through the tissue as many times as the dice indicate. The last player to have dice on the ice and not in the cup wins! It might seem like it would only last a few minutes, but the intensity and fun you’ll feel will make your family setting up this game over and over again!

Just because we’re in a global pandemic doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have some fun! Be careful, yes, but get out there and have as much fun for the whole family as you possibly can!