July 15, 2024

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Some Pros – From a Robot

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The young men walk together, talking quietly. After about ten minutes, Hana opens the door and says, “Manaeya. You were just on the other side of the gate, and they have their eyes on you, too.”

Manaeya says, “They can talk? You were listening to me just now. I can’t understand what they’re saying—they don’t even understand each other.”

Hana says, “Yes, they don’t. You’re right.”

She opens the gate again and goes down the steps and comes into a room surrounded by two small rooms. There are some chairs, a table, and two tables with chairs in them. There is no door in the center of the room, only a screen blocking the light. The young women stand there and wait for the door to open. They talk in whispers and Hana doesn’t see who comes in.

Then they suddenly stop talking. They stare at the screen in silence. When they