April 15, 2024

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Best Free News Source on the Internet

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I would like to have a debate about the best free news source on the internet. I’m quite sure that we will get many many different opinions about what different sources people like and trust. Do you listen to Fox News? Are you in NPR Junkie?  Let’s start a poll and see what people think and compare the results.

What’s more interesting is the dive into the topic of what makes people think their new source is the best on the internet.  Why do they think this? What are the motivations that people bring to selecting sources of information?

Confirmation bias is typically cited as a problem these days as many people engage in new sources and listen to other internet pungence who simply confirm what they already believe. This can be a very scary situation as the idea of consuming news is to expand your horizons and think of things you haven’t already thought.

Or maybe that’s not everyone’s objective. Many people or maybe just thinking they want to be informed with only things that don’t disturb them. This opens a much deeper conversation about how open-minded people really are and are they deluding themselves when it comes to free internet news sources.

Do people really want to hear the truth or are they looking for a pretend true that will make them feel better but what’s happening in the world and not really have to be too bothered by information that they might find unsettling?  These are deep questions we will have to turn to the psychologists to answer.

There are others who are not just looking to stay informed.  These people believe they are really getting the truth that want to understand topics at a deeper level. Did you interview these people about their best free news sources on the internet, they will be adamant that they are source is right and the other ones that list opposing views are wrong.

We know that the reality of right and wrong is not simple and is not black and white. There are many shades of grey when it comes to figuring out what’s actually happening in there a mini narratives that different people are pushing, particularly on the internet.

Politics is certainly involved at some level when it comes to picking your news source. They’re well-documented studies that show more and more we live in an echo chamber where we pick sources that reinforce the political views that we already hold. This is similar to confirmation bias and is also very concerning.

To have a smooth political system many people to be well-informed as they make choices and vote on it for an issues on how will organize ourselves. But if incorrect information is getting the people how it got it will they do this?  What if the best news sources the people can find really don’t give them the truth and the internet is actually deleting them?