June 23, 2024

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Testing and Deploying New Upgrades Are a Constant Necessary Part of Banking Platforms

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The multi node test is done and the deploy system is now starting on the single stack testing. As soon as the first node is done and the system goes back in and starts the second one, there is a collective deep breath and the Sunday morning deployment team watches the number tick across their respective screens. Some in the office, some at home, some in the midwest, and some 1500 miles to the east, this team is hoping that the deployment executes effortlessly and that by noon at the latest they can get back to enjoying what is left of the weekend.

Behind every card swipe that customers make and beneath every transaction that a large or small company relies on for its earning is a complicated system of software and hardware. Knowing that all of these parts are running efficiently, of course, is the real challenge of any kind of banking or payment system’s software. Monthly, and sometimes weekly software updates and the deployment of completely rewritten code plays an essential role in the maintenance, efficiency, and security of all these platforms. The progress of the process is often slow, but steady and sure. And while DBA or team supervisor wants to give any more of their weekend time than necessary, it is difficult to complain when an update is running smoothly.

Once the fourth and last note is out of the load, the recompilation access is available and the team moves on to what they hope is the last part of the new software deployment.
Web Validations and Other Testing Procedures Keep Software Running Efficiently

Using communication platforms like SLACK, as well as conference calls and on screen test monitoring, these software deployment teams and supervisors are able to work together even when they are physically spread out across the country.

Many Businesses Rely on Dependable Payment Processing Systems
Whether you are a single owner small business or your office is part of one of the largest corporations in the area, you likely have to depend on funds transfers and sophisticated payment processing systems. From a first time entrepreneur of the year to a successful CEO with years of experience, the success of how your job goes, in fact, is likely dependent on any number of technologies and performance platforms. And whether you are a small gift boutique that only has 10 to 15 card swipes a day or you are a large business dealing with thousands of individual transfers and payments, you need to know that the provider you are working with is supplying reliable, consistent, and accurate performance.

Today’s business models have to rely on technologies. From the payment processes that help a company pay its employees to the data storage backups that are needed in the healthcare industry and other areas, in fact, there are some who would argue that technology is what matters. Finding a solutions group that can help you automate inventory, collect payments, distribute monthly checks, as well as provide all of the necessary items that are needed for taxes at the end of the year is essential. And while there may be some small business owners who may have once been able to handle all of these tasks on their own, in today’s data driven world it is far more common to have businesses that need to outsource many of their tasks. Finding the right companies for these outsourcing needs, in fact, can make or break a business of any size.

From fraud protection to inventory control and Human Resources needs, for example, the provider that your business works with can be either an asset or a liability. Researching any consultant or contractor that you work with is essential if you want to know that you are going to be able to get the best results. When most business owners listen to a group of DBAs talking about testing nodes and system deployments those owners can easily become overwhelmed. Working with a hosting company, however, that not only completes the needed work but can put this work into layman’s terms can help a business owner of any size feel more confident about the future of their company.