May 30, 2024

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The Best Winter Home Repairs

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The typical homeowner usually plans on spending less than $10,000 on home renovations. This includes plumbing, heating, and other preparations for the winter. To ensure your home is winter-ready, planning on what repairs to make and doing it within your budget are of paramount importance. You don’t want to be stuck without heat during a deep freeze. Executing these home repairs in October or November is usually the best time.

If you live in an area where snow is a concern, you want to get all your repairs completed promptly. When pipes freeze or the heating unit stops working, the dead of winter is not the best time to have it repaired. Taking preventative action in calmer months is the best course of action when it comes to winter home repairs. The following are some of the winter home repairs you can start now to avoid any issues down the road.

Plumbing and Pipes

When your drain is clogged, it can not only cause a nuisance to your way of life, it can cause a huge mess as well. When oil, hair, or soap can cause drain clogs in your sink or shower, an expert plumbing repair service can help. If your drain becomes clogged and the problem can’t be remedied through your efforts with over-the-counter drain products, calling expert plumbers becomes a necessity. Sometimes, the entire drainage system might need emergency repairs. Drain clogs are unpredictable and cause a disruption in your home, especially the kitchen sink. Should a clog problem fall outside regular business hours, many plumbers will provide emergency services and arrive at your home to efficiently complete any repairs. If the problem is with your drainage system, it’s imperative to get a professional on the case. Trained technicians will find the source of any blockages and complete the repairs and have you back to free-flowing drains in no time.

If you have leaky faucets or other concerns, call a plumber to look at your system and make any winter home repairs before the onset of freezing cold. You don’t want to have to deal with freezing pipes or any other concerns in below-zero temperatures. Depending on their exposure to the elements, pipes can freeze even when temperatures are higher than 20 degrees. In an interior space, if pipes are near openings that let in the cold, they might develop ice blockages even in a space that is heated. The average amount of time it might take for a pipe to freeze and burst is usually four to five hours. To avoid these issues, a little preventative care goes a long way in ensuring you are ready for the worst. Make plumbing maintenance part of the winter home repairs, and have better peace of mind.

HVAC Systems

Deciding to have a central air conditioning and heating unit installed in your home is an excellent choice, as it will increase the value of your home. A unit can be specifically designed to not only provide comfort but filter out dander and allergens. It’s necessary to call a professional HVAC contractor for the installation or replacement of central air and heating units. This is because not only are they expertly trained in HVAC unit maintenance, they can also repair any vital ductwork that needs to be done.

When it comes to central air, there are two types of units, a split system or a packaged unit. With a split system, an outdoor metal cabinet houses a compressor and a condenser. An indoor cabinet houses the evaporator. This indoor cabinet also holds the furnace. Typically, split systems are installed if your home has an existing furnace, but is lacking in a cooling system. In a packaged unit, all the parts, such as the evaporator, condenser, and compressor, are in one cabinet. This unit is can be either installed on the roof or next to the home. Packaged units also include heating coils, which eliminates the need for a separate furnace. There are a lot of benefits to having a central air unit installed. These include the reduction of humidity levels, as well as indoor comfort during the hot summer months.

As previously mentioned, this system can also clean the air by removing dust, lint, dander, and other pollutants. Poor indoor air quality contributes to a variety of diseases, sickness, and the like. Indoor pollutants can contribute to breathing trouble, allergies, and other health concerns. Air-conditioners are known to alleviate indoor allergens. Most air-conditioning systems control indoor air quality, which means cleaner air and odor and temperature control as well. High-efficiency units are especially helpful in keeping the air in your home fresh and allergen-free. Well-kept filters keep dust, spores, and pollen, as well as other pollutants out of your home, which can improve your overall health and the health of your loved ones. It’s important to ensure that the filter is kept clean, as a dirty filter can affect airflow, which can overwork a system, resulting in costly energy bills.

Consult an HVAC expert to determine what system will work best for your needs. To keep your family in the best health, as well as keep your system running at peak performance, regular upkeep and maintenance are required to keep the unit in the best shape possible, especially when winter approaches. Your HVAC heating and cooling system should be inspected by a professional annually. With the right HVAC unit maintenance, your heating and cooling unit will last for decades. If you decide to put your home on the market, a well-maintained HVAC heating and cooling system is a desirable feature as well.

Check on Your Roof

Inclement weather, sun damage, and freezing conditions can affect the condition and ultimate performance of your roof. A quality roof that is properly installed by an expert roofing company can stand the test of time against sun exposure and harsh weather conditions. A professional roofing company can provide preventative maintenance, roof repair, and frequent inspections. Keeping your roof free of leaks or other damage is all part of maintaining your home, and winter home repairs.

A leaky or damaged roof can cause untold costs to you, and lead to costly repairs, even an entire roof replacement. Getting regular inspections and maintenance is essential to help maintain a sound structure on your home and protect its integrity going forward. If you find that you need a roof replacement, be sure that the roofing company you hire provides quality craftsmanship from experienced roofing contractors, as well as outstanding customer service. If you discover serious issues with your roof, don’t wait to have it repaired. A leaking roof can introduce water damage, which can seriously affect your health.

A damaged or dilapidated roof can also lower home values. Your home’s roof is one of the most important investments you can make, especially when it comes to winter home repairs. A sturdy roof is your ultimate protection against the elements and can improve the overall structural integrity of your home. A new roof can also improve the overall aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing should you decide to sell it.

A key indicator that your roof might need to replace is worn out shingles. If you have missing patches, it is a sign that granules are falling off. Without these protective granules, your home is subject to be affected by outdoor temperatures, which also leads to high heating costs. Shingle damage is also prone to cause cracks in the asphalt underlay of a roof, which can result in leaks and drafts. If you have curling shingles, that indicates that moisture has found its way underneath shingles, causing rot to the underlying structure. If too many shingles are damaged, roof replacement might be necessary.

As a roof ages, it’s subject to all manner of issues. A roofing expert can provide regular maintenance to ensure that every part of your roof is in great condition before winter comes. If any of the valuable components of a roof fail, then consult a roofing contractor to find out the best course of action. If a roof is older than 10 years or has been damaged by wind or hail, odds are that will require an overhaul as well. Trying to repair or patch it can lead to more costs down the road, so it’s important to take care of any issues immediately, especially before the onset of winter. Also, patching can make the roof’s appearance look shoddy, which can also take down the value of your home.

Different Types of Plumbing

Pneumatic plumbing, or compressed air piping, is intended to deliver compressed air to necessary areas. How it works is similar to an auto shop, with a large air compressor. The tank fills up using an electric pump. The pipe or hose wherever you need it. When a power tool is attached to the hose, the pressurized air to run the tool. The process is similar to a drill or jackhammer. The compressor tank fills up as needed. Pneumatics can also be used for paint sprayers to paint cars. Air must travel through pipes to supply enough pressure to power components of piping. If your pneumatic air piping fails, it can cause higher energy bills, resulting in broken equipment, and poor service. Sensitive pneumatic piping systems require extra maintenance and repair. A professional plumbing service can give you an analysis of what your pneumatic air piping system needs, so you aren’t stuck with any costly winter home repairs. Pneumatic circuits are less complicated and operate at a lower pressure than hydraulic systems, and are not as vulnerable to plumbing concerns. If your plumbing system breaks down during the winter, it can lead to all sorts of concerns. Be sure to properly maintain your air piping system for your winter home repairs.

Natural Home Heating Practices

If you’re looking for a way to save on heating bills overall, a geothermal HVAC system might be the way to go. A geothermal HVAC system uses a small amount of electricity to power a geothermal heat pump for the transfer of heat. This can be more efficient than traditional HVAC systems because these systems use electricity or natural gas power to heat the air to the temperature you desire. Many homeowners can expect to pay nearly $30,000 for a complete geothermal heating and cooling system. But overall it’s a given investment to save on energy bills. Geothermal HVAC system repairs can be costly if the system is not properly maintained. A heating and cooling expert can help ensure your system will be efficiently cooling and heating your home, so you won’t have to worry about the system breaking down mid-winter.

Another method of natural healing is solar heating. Solar heating systems are cost-effective in cold climates with good resources. Heating your home with a solar energy system can drastically reduce fuel bills in the winter. Homeowners will need 28 to 34 solar panels to cover the majority of the energy usage, which is dependent upon roof size and other factors. Solar air heaters work best with sunny winters. It may not replace electricity or natural gas for water heating, but it can reduce costs. If you are beginning your winter home repairs, and aren’t looking forward to large energy bills, this alternative healing method might be what you’re looking for. Solar hot water systems are built to accommodate harsher winter conditions, so contact a solar expert to find out what your options are, and what would work best for your home.

Another great way to heat your home and save money on your heating bill is to use your home’s fireplace. You’ll be able to make your home nice and toasty but won’t have to rely on using your home’s heating system. Of course, you do need to take care of a few things first. One of those tasks that you need to do is make sure you have the right firewood. If you want to use trees on your own property to make firewood, invest in a firewood processor that will properly prepare the wood for your fireplace.

You’ll also need to make sure that your fireplace and chimney are clean. If you haven’t used them in a few years, there could be debris in there. Animals also love to make an unused chimney their home. Contact a professional chimney sweep to perform an inspection on your fireplace and help you get it ready for fires that will keep you warm all winter long. They’ll be able to look at it, clean it out for you, and give you tips on how to keep it clean and clear going forward.

Winter home repairs are necessary to be sure that you live comfortably all winter long. To be sure that your home is winter-ready, be sure to check all areas of your home. You might be surprised to find that areas that you thought were sufficient are actually in serious need of repair. Completing all these repairs before bad weather sets in can give you peace of mind, and also keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty all through any storms that winter can dish out.