July 15, 2024

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The First Steps of Working With a Local Custom Home Builder

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This video answers a question commonly aimed at real estate professionals: How do I build a custom home? What are the first steps? Viewers can watch as a professional realtor follows a local custom home builder through the entire journey.

The first step is to find a local custom home builder that has the experience and reliability to create the right property. Prospective homeowners might spot a home under construction and contact the building company for more information.

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Realtors can also put individuals in touch with custom home builders, and there’s the opportunity to connect with local builders at home shows and conventions.

The next step is to discuss what type of home is required. Customers might want something almost identical to a project they’ve seen elsewhere, or they may want something unique. Great custom home builders will talk potential buyers through all the custom options they can have and how to make their homes their own.

Finally, at this stage of the journey, it’s time to talk budget. Knowing what finances are available for the project helps the builder lay out exactly what’s possible and what’s not. Understanding these steps helps home buyers approach custom-builds with a better sense of the overall process.