June 23, 2024

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Basement Remodeling Trends

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Often, the basement is an unused, or underutilized, space in a home. A finished basement is an excellent way for homeowners to make better use of space and increase their usable space. There was a time when basement remodeling services meant turning the basement into a bedroom and a full bathroom or creating a pseudo playroom for the kids. However, there are many other ways that homeowners can put their basement space to excellent use. In addition, there are many trends for basement remolding extending beyond a typical bedroom that may interest homeowners.

Make Sure it is Dry

No matter what you are considering doing with your basement, you want to ensure that you are always starting with a dry basement. Basements tend to be a space where there is potential for leaks and water damage. It is critical that you ensure any of these problems are resolved before designing and constructing your dream basement.

Keeping an Open Space

An open space floor plan has been the trend in homes for quite some time. That concept can also extend to the basement. Typically, a basement is a large space that can be made into several small rooms or spaces. It can also be kept wide open, and you can utilize the entire space without barriers or boundaries. If your basement is large and you want to have designated spaces, you can still do that while maintaining an open space. You can utilize half walls, bars, even sofas as a way to create soft barriers. If you have a smaller basement, keeping it open helps it feel roomy. You are able to maximize the space you have without having to knock down walls or add on to your house.

Adding a Theater Room

Many families love going to the movies. You can decide to turn your basement into a home theater room to provide your family and friends with a complete movie experience. To provide the full experience, you need to create a fully enclosed theater room. A true theater space includes closed walls, reclining seats, surround sound, a projection screen, and floor lighting.

This type of renovation requires electrical services as you want to ensure everything is connected and working properly. There is nothing worse than sitting down for your first viewing, and something goes wrong. You do not want to forget about the popcorn machine and perhaps a soda fountain machine. If you are going to take your theater room up a notch, you could consider a bar and kitchenette area.

Gym and Spa

Many people have a small corner of a room dedicated to a home gym. If you utilize more of your basement, you can create a true home gym. There is nothing more convenient and helpful to get you in shape than having all the equipment you need right at home. With enough space, you can incorporate several weight machines, free weights, and other equipment. You could even have enough space to invite a couple of friends over to work out with you. Depending on the type of exercise you enjoy, you could add mirrors or floor space to perform aerobic activities. To kick up your gym, you can add a home spa that includes a sauna, steam shower, ice tub, and massage space. If you do not have the space for all of these items, you can create a mini gym space. You will need residential electrical service to help during the construction of your home gym and spa.

Guest Suite

While a bedroom in your basement is not a new idea, turning that bedroom into a suite might be. Do not just stop at a room where you can place a bed, and someone can sleep for the night. Instead, you can create a full on guest suite. The suite could contain everything your guests need, including a bathroom, bedroom, ample closet space, and a wet bar. The size and features you add are budget dependent, but you can really create a comfortable and inviting space for your guests. If you expect to have guests stay on a longer term basis, you can add a kitchenette and living room to provide someone space away from the central part of the house. This allows you and your guest to have privacy. An electrical contractor would be able to give you an estimate on the cost of adding the electricity you need to run all those spaces.

Walkout Basement

While a walkout basement is more about how to leave or enter the basement than it is the basement itself, it is still a trend for basements. This will require concrete repair work as a walkout basement requires the foundation walls not to be underground. This is an ideal solution for a house that is on a hill. Adding a walkout to your basement allows more light to come in, as well as direct access to the outside. When you create a walkout, it not only allows you to add a door but windows also. This remolding option requires a fair amount of planning and possibly local permits. However, this can increase the value of your house significantly.

Home Stage

If you have an interest in music, singing, or playing an instrument, you may want to create a space where you can perform in your own home. You may be interested in creating a music room complete with a stage. If you spend hours playing music, singing, or simply listening to music, this could be the basement for you. This could also make the rest of your family happy if you soundproof it. They will not have to listen to whatever you are doing. If you are interested in dancing in addition to other types of performing, you can add a dance floor with mirrors and proper lighting. You will need to consult an electrician to ensure you have the adequate electricity to power your equipment safely.

Lounge Space

Many people have been working from home for some time. This makes it challenging to have a space in the house that is not a place of work. This is especially true for those that live in a small space. However, if you have the space in your basement, you may want to consider creating a lounge. This could be a space where you do no work at all. You have to go to another floor in your home to work. To create a lounge, you should have comfortable sofas and chairs. Consider adding pillows and low lighting. You can create a space that is relaxing, including a full bar and kitchen.

Sports Room

If you are a sports nut, you may want to turn your basement into a sports room. This could be a space where you watch all of your favorite, and maybe not so favorite, sports games. You can also use it as a space to store memorabilia if you are a collector. Sports rooms are becoming a more popular way to convert your basement. Your basement is a space away from other people in the house, and if you and your friends get rowdy during a game, you will not disturb the entire house. If you have an ample space in your basement, you could entertain many friends on game day. You want to have comfortable and plentiful seating options. Of course, you want to innovative sound system. You could consider multiple TVs to watch more than one game at a time. You can also consider a large screen TV. A fun addition is to set up voice commands and controls. The expectation of any quality sports room is a bar and kitchenette. You could also add a ping pong table, pool table, or poker table. Many people enjoy other activities while watching the game.

Home Brew Pub

If you enjoy brewing craft beer from home, your basement may be a great place to set up shop. Your budget and your desire for your own craft brew will dictate how far you want to go with this. If this is something you just like to play around with, you may keep it small and set up a space where you can brew and enjoy what you brew. If you want to expand on your craft beer experience, you can create a small pub in your basement where your friends can come and enjoy your beer. You will need a residential electrical company to assess your electrical needs, especially if you want to create an authentic pub feel. You can add lighting and comfortable seating. You may even want to set up some small tables and chairs to provide the feeling of visiting a bar.

Craft Room

A craft room or activity room is one of the current basement trends. You could create a craft room space for adults separate from one for children. The equipment adults use tends to be a little more expensive than the equipment used by children. It is not a surprise that adults may want to have a separate space. You can create a space for all the crafts you want to complete. No matter if you enjoy knitting, scrapbooking, or making candles, you can create a functional and comfortable space. You may want to create a craft room that is specific for one of those. Conversely, you may want a generic space that allows you todo whatever suits your mood at any moment. The critical part of this room will be a comfortable space with proper lighting. You will need a lot of storage space to hold all your items. You may need a space for items to dry or lay out items away from where you are working.

Home Office

If you have made a move to working at home on a permanent basis, you may need a home office space. Many people have a desk with space for a computer and a chair, but it is not really a home office. When you have your desk shoved into some other room, it is not the most conducive to working without interruption. You may also find yourself tempted to interact with anyone that is home at any given time. You may also get distracted by the TV or whatever is happening outside your house. Changing your basement into your home office is a great way to remove those distractions from your workday. You may find that you are more productive and happier at the end of the day. You want your home office space to have good lighting, storage, a workstation, supplies, and technology that you need. Depending on your job, you may want to consider setting up a private office within your home office. If you need to have private conversations or people come to your home for meetings, this may be helpful. You may also want to have a reading space away from your computer. If you have to review documents or focus on something away from your computer, you may want a space to do that. Finally, you may want to consider soundproofing options so that the noises in the house do not distract you.

A basement is an extension of your house. While you may want it to be a separate space, you still want it to feel like a part of your home. It is easy to create a new type of space while maintaining the style and vibe of your house. While these are basement trends, all of them make great use of the space, especially if they incorporate items that are meaningful to you. They all can help enhance the enjoyment you get from your home and increase the value of your home.