May 29, 2024

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You used to act out a lot of shows! From playing out the parts in the Wizard of Oz to the afternoons when you would also skip along arms linked chanting Follow the Yellow Brick Road or Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My, there were many parts to these favorite performances. You would even ask friends to wait along different parts of the sidewalk and gather your Scare Crow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion as you followed that Yellow Road. Depending on the parts that you were playing you might also find yourself trying to avoid or throwing water on the Wicked Witch of the West!

Whether you remember reenacting your favorite scenes from popular movies or you and the neighborhood gang would spend your evenings and weekends playing Red Rover, Ghost in Grave Yard, Kick the Can, Mother May I?, Red Light Green Light, kick ball, TV tag, cartoon tag, freeze tag, tunnel tag, plain ole tag, hide and seek, or olly oxen in come free, kids in the past likely spent far more time playing outside than many do today.

Today’s World Is Much More Challenging for Many Children
In a time when so many parents are divorcing and the separations can be very difficult it is often a fact that many children do not get to live the lives that many of their parents and grandparents did. Afraid of abductions and dangerous neighbors, many children today are on a much shorter leash than generations of children before. At the same time, these children who are not being exposed to as many outside opportunities and a chance to run the neighborhood streets may be facing much bigger internal conflicts within their families. They may, for instance, be one of the more than 1 million children who are involved in divorce proceedings every year.

Keeping children safe during a time of a major family upheaval can be a challenge, but the best parents try to work with divorce attorneys who can help find equitable arrangements for child support, alimony, and child support. Unlike defense attorneys that involve criminal law, divorce lawyers are dealing with parties who will continue to be a part of each other’s lives for years to come. And while defense attorneys can go after the guilty party with a vengeance, it is important to remember that mothers and fathers who share the custody of their children need to reach a conclusion that will allow for open communication and problem solving.

Slip and Fall Cases Often Find Their Way Into Settlement Before Ever Going to Court

In addition to the limitations that children face in their own neighborhoods, there are also times when parents are more concerned about the safety of a place where a child will play than they are about the experiences that children can have. Again, while defense attorneys are looking at reaching a guilty verdict in a criminal case, the personal injury lawyers that families work with often find themselves searching for an equitable settlement that will allow for hearing and recovery. And while many parents say that they want to provide opportunities for their children to be children, there are many parents who are too concerned about safety to allow their children the freedom to play such crazy games as Kick the Can and Sending Red Rover Over.

The fact that nearly 30% of failing marriages involve couples who have children under the age of 18 mean that there are often parents who are even more concerned that something will happen to a child under their watch. And while it may seem like defense attorneys have the biggest tasks when it comes to the safety of society, the truth is that divorce attorneys and family lawyers have incredibly important jobs when it comes to the safety of young children who are going through on e of life’s most difficult transitions.

What are the things that you are doing to make sure that your children are able to experience life to its fullest, while at the same time feel as if they are safe and protected? Parenting is always a challenge, but when a divorce divides a family, parenting can be more difficult.