July 15, 2024

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4 Main Types of Heat Press Machine for Your Digital Design Printing Business

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If you want to start a t-shirt printing business, there are important things to consider and one of them is a heat press machine. Opening a t-shirt printing business is a lucrative endeavor provided you boost your quality services with good marketing. Currently, this is one of the most successful and profitable business ideas you can try and steer yourself into financial freedom.

So to compete favorably and have a strong market share you need to always offer unique designs and high-quality printing solutions for a range of products including mug, cap, plates and t-shirts. To do all these you need a multi-purpose heat press which will help you transfer print on different items.

Initially, it used to be a challenge to choose the right type of heat press machine for a t-shirt printing business. But in this day and age where internet penetration has made everything accessible, it has become relatively easy to find the right machine for your specific business printing needs.

Here we’re going to discuss the different types of heat presses including the multi-purpose heat press, and look at some of the features that make them unique to each other.

Main Types of Heat Press Machine

There four main types of heat press machines available in the market and choosing the right one will depend on the features and printing needs.

1. Clamshell Heat Press Machine

If you are looking for a portable machine that is easy to handle and can be operated on multiple surfaces, a clamshell heat press is your best choice. It features two plates – upper and lower plates, with the clamshell attached on one end for opening and closing.
The heat transfer between the top plate and bottom plate, where the application design and the base material is placed. Features of a clamshell heat press machine.

  • Easy to operate, hence suitable for beginners
  • Highly portable and thus can be easily carried for demonstrations
  • Require less space for setup unlike other options
  • Saves time since its simple to use
  • Relatively suitable for mass production
  • Relatively cheap hence ideal for businesses that are just starting

2. Swing Away Heat Press Machine

Also referred to as swingers, these type of heat transfer presses are designed with two plates, the upper and lower plate. The top plate swings away from the bottom plate with the ability to swing back to its rightful place where your substrate and artwork is laid out. This action makes the lower plate more accessible, allowing you to easily manipulate the material you want to print on without necessarily having to touch the upper plate.

  • Require more space to work on
  • Efficiently print on different types of substrates
  • Often comes with additional press accessories
  • Suitable for home and business use
  • Safe from accidental plate burns
  • Designed for experienced heat press users

3. Draw Heat Press Machine

This heat press is built with combined features from both clamshell and swinger heat press. It has the same opening and closing mechanism like a clamshell with a movable lower plate that looks like a drawer. This allows you complete access to the layout area. Features of a draw heat press machine.

  • Full view of your workspace
  • No need of reaching beneath the heated platen
  • Relatively portable compared to swing-away heat press, but slightly bigger than clamshell heat press
  • Suitable for mass production

4. Sublimation Heat Press Machine

This is a type of multi-purpose heat press machine that is essentially used for high-quality heat transfer on a range of substrates. The sublimation heat press is uniquely designed to ensure free-stain garments during heat transfer. Unlike other contemporaries, this heat press provides a big layout surface for even larger digital design transfers like pants and sweatshirts.

These are the main options for heat press machines if you are looking to buy one for your t-shirt printing business. By evaluating the unique features and functions of each heat press, you can make an informed decision on the most suitable machine based on your heat transfer requirements. If you need a versatile machine, go for a multi-purpose heat press. Portability is achieved with clamshell heat press while a draw and swing-away heat press offer a great view of the layout