April 16, 2024

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The Maintenance Process of a Boiler Repair Company

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Repairing a broken boiler can be troublesome for business owners and homeowners. That’s why instead of doing it by yourself, you should seek the help of a boiler repair company to ensure everything goes smoothly with little to no problems for the foreseeable future.

If you want to know what preventive maintenance you need to do with your boiler, here are some insights and tips from a boiler repair company.

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1. Always check proper oil levels. Like a car’s engine, you must ensure that your boiler oil levels are safe. To check, you just have to open the compressor lube tank, and it’s straightforward. If your boiler has markings where the oil level should be, you can see it embossed on the sides.

2. The next periodic maintenance you can do is clean the oil filters at least once every two weeks, or once a week at best. To do this, close the shut-off valve, then pull out the filter. Clean the oil filter by brushing with a dishwashing agent to ensure any debris or oils are removed. Once done, put it back again and run the boiler.

3. Always check for heat circulation temperature; it must be on the safer side of things and ensure it doesn’t go past the 150F mark. The temperature should be around 110F to 120F on normal days.