April 15, 2024

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Tips for Arranging Anniversary Flowers

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Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 50th, a floral arrangement is a wonderful anniversary gift. Flowers are a romantic gift, and a bouquet can be displayed for weeks! This Laurel and Vine Floral Design video is packed with advice for arranging anniversary flowers.

Before you can put together a bouquet, you’ll have to decide on the best flowers to include in your arrangement. There are flowers associated with every milestone anniversary year.

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For example, daisies are typically given as a 5th-anniversary gift, while asters are given on the 20th anniversary. Violets and roses are the flowers associated with 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Flowers come in many hues, which means you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to colors. While colors like pink and red are strongly associated with romance, you may want to give your arrangement a personal touch. Including a person’s favorite colors in a bouquet can make the arrangement feel special.

Take care when you’re assembling your anniversary arrangement. Place the flowers in a clean vase with plenty of room to spread out. After you give your partner flowers, put extra effort into maintaining their floral arrangement so that you can keep it beautiful for longer.