April 16, 2024

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Advice for Funeral Pre-Planning

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In this YouTube video, ABC15 Arizona speaks with a local expert on the importance of funeral pre-planning. While the topic can be very uncomfortable, funeral pre-planning is essential in helping a family through a grievous and trying time. Everyone deserves a beautiful and peaceful final resting place, whether a person chooses traditional burial or cremation.

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With a final resting place, a family can come to visit whenever they want.

When a person chooses cremation as an option, the family has several options for the ashes afterward. The urn can be brought back to the family home, can be buried, the ashes divided up amongst family members, or even scattered. Additionally, ashes can be embedded in columns, structures, memorial benches, and more. The final resting place is open to more than one location.

It can be challenging to bring up the topic with some family members. The advantage of pre-planning now allows a person to have complete control over what should be done with their remains after their passing. The family also doesn’t have to make those decisions on top of grieving. Pre-planning also eliminates any other potential family conflict once a person passes.