May 30, 2024

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The past few years have all been about green wedding bouquets and green arrangements. But 2020s wedding flower trends are all about bold, colorful, and vibrant color vibes.

So if you’re planning to take a walk down the aisle in 2020 or beyond and you love some bright, bold, popping colors, your wedding couldn’t have taken place at a better time than 2020. Here are some gorgeous wedding flower trends for 2020 that you should tell your wholesale florist about in your next meeting.

1. Earthy Tones

Even though we are moving away from the greenery trend, it doesn’t mean brides are burning bridges with mother earth. Instead, they are slowly embracing earthy, neutral tones in their wedding arrangements. In that breath, expect to see some popular, flowery grasses such as wheat sheaves incorporated into brightly colored bouquets. These will be perfect for summer and autumn weddings. So if you’ll be tying the knot around this time, then this is an excellent idea to share with your wholesale florist.

Minimalist but Bold

Inspired by the recent royal wedding, minimalist floral arrangements are also making a comeback into the wedding scene. Therefore, in 2020, expect bridal bouquets to become petite and elegant, typically made up of a few beautiful stems. However, just because it’s minimal doesn’t mean it’ll shy away from color. That said, expect to see more pops of color incorporated into the minimalist bouquet arrangements. A minimalist arrangement is particularly a great idea if you are looking to reduce the amount of flowers you will leave lying around at your wedding venue.

Bold and a Dash of Gold

If your wedding budget is somewhat tight, you will be happy to know that statement blooms will be making headlines in the 2020s wedding scene. But that’s not all, metallics such as gold are also all the rage. If you are looking to make a statement but working on a tight budget, go for bold, beautiful blooms. A great idea would be to have blooms such as sunflowers and birds of paradise for your bouquet and find a way to throw in a dash of gold into the wedding arrangement. For instance, house your table flowers in gold-textured vases or pots to add even more pop into your wedding.

Into the Local Zone

Sustainability seems to be the talk of the town everywhere, and now most brides and grooms are looking to reduce the environmental impact of their weddings. If this description fits you, then you will be glad to know that going local is among 2020’s top wedding ceremony floral arrangements. Succulents, topiaries, wildflowers, dried flowers as well as locally grown flowers are slowly but steadily taking center stage. Also, more people are incorporating colors, tones, and floral textures that match with their venues into the arrangements.

So if you are looking to remain ethical and cut your carbon footprint on your big day, opt for a DIY flower package offered by a local wholesale florist.

Fragranced Flower Bouquets

The days when brides used to put more emphasis on the way a bouquet looks more than how it smells are slowly ebbing away. That said, fragranced flower bouquets are expected to be among the top wedding ceremony floral arrangements of 2020. Combinations of beautifully scented flowers such as lavender, lilacs, and freesias are going to be a common sight in bridal bouquets. Springs of sage, rosemary, and mint, on the other hand, are expected to make their way on wedding table décor. So if you love pleasant scents as much as beautiful looking flowers, then you should tell your wholesale florist to create fragranced bouquets.

Shades of Blue

Thought we had forgotten about blue? Well, the short answer to that is no. Our list wouldn’t be complete without Pantone’s 2020 color of the year.

Even though there are only a few blue color palettes when it comes to flowers, expect to see creative floral displays with the few palettes available. For instance, festive blue alongside vibrant colors such as yellow and hot pink are expected to steal the limelight in most 2020 weddings. If you are not feeling the festive blue vibe, check out the summer blue color palette. You can incorporate corals, blushes, and peaches in it for a summery blue affair.