June 23, 2024

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76 percent of American organic consumers cite the health benefits of organic food as the main reason for purchasing it. Common organic foods that a majority of individuals prefer include vanilla beans. Usually, they are produced organically. Here’s what you should know about vanilla beans.

1. What are the Four Types of Vanilla Beans?

Similar to wine grapes, vanilla beans develop multiple flavors depending on the location they were grown. The four types of vanilla beans popular in the market include Mexican beans, Madagascar Bourbon beans, tahitian vanilla beans, and Indonesian beans.

The madagascar vanilla beans originate from Madagascar’s Bourbon islands. Individuals prefer madagascar vanilla beans because they are sweet with a creamy flavor. As such, these great all-purpose vanilla beans are used for making sweet and savory dishes.

2. The Uses of Ground Vanilla Beans

Ground vanilla beans are whole vanilla beans that have been processed into a moist powder. Cooks use these vanilla products in their pantry. In this regard, experts recommend certain ideas for the optimal utilization of ground vanilla beans in pantries.

First, professional cooks are advised to substitute ground vanilla beans for vanilla extract. Usually, ground vanilla beans are suitable for recipes that will be exposed to excessive heat. These recipes include the preparation of cookies and rice pudding.

Additionally, cooks can use ground vanilla beans for brewing. In this case, a teaspoon of ground vanilla beans is used as coffee.

3. Step by Step Procedures for Making Vanilla Extracts

Upon the acquisition of vanilla beans in bulk, and alcohol, you can begin assembling your vanilla extract. As a straightforward procedure, experts recommend the following steps used in the making of vanilla extracts.

The first procedure consists of preparing your beans. During this procedure, you should utilize your knife to cut through the vanilla bean, thus exposing the seeds inside the bean. To make it easier for removal, the vanilla bean seeds should be left attached at the top.

The next step involves deciding on the constituents of your extract. As such, it is pertinent to decide what you will want your final extract to look like. Once you have made a decision, the next step involves adding the beans into a jar followed by alcohol. Important considerations in this step involve ensuring that the vanilla beans are fully submerged before sealing it. You should then store in a cool and dark place for the vanilla extract to infuse the alcohol.

4. The Difference between Extract and Gourmet Vanilla Beans

Extract vanilla beans vary from gourmet vanilla beans in multiple aspects. Usually, gourmet vanilla beans are oily and moist, unlike extract vanilla beans that are less moist and less attractive. Additionally, gourmet vanilla beans contain vanillin crystals on the outside that melt back in the vanilla beans whenever they are heated. Given the attractiveness of the gourmet vanilla beans, they are often used as essential ingredients in gourmet cuisine.

On the other hand, the water content in extract vanilla beans is approximately 15% to 25%. Despite their low water content, extract vanilla beans are preferred by professional cooks because the flavor is not necessarily found in water.

5. Are Madagascar Ground Vanilla The Best Globally?

Professional cooks regard Madagascar ground vanilla as the best vanilla type internationally. The flavor is sweet and creamy, making it suitable for every type of cooking. Usually, ground vanilla beans can be substitute vanilla extracts in multiple extracts.

6. The Causes of the Rise of the Demand for Vanilla Beans

Different industries, including the bakery, confectionery, and soft drink industries, are driven by the vanilla bean market. As an exotic flavor, vanilla remains at the forefront of food preference for different consumers. This aspect is a result of vanilla’s neutral taste and versatility.

The demand for vanilla beans has risen over the years because of different reasons. Among the reasons include the surprising health benefits that vanilla beans provide. First, experts provide that gourmet vanilla beans are good for the heart. Studies have indicated that vanilla can minimize the level of cholesterol in the heart. Additionally, vanilla beans’ demand rises because of their healing properties. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants, which help in the prevention of cell and tissue breakdown.