April 16, 2024

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A Guide to Exterior Entry Door Replacement Installation

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If you are engaged in a home renovation project, you may want to replace your exterior entry door. The video consists of a detailed guide on exterior entry door replacement. It includes a builder who is clearly a master of his craft.

Video Source

The particular door being installed is made of fiberglass. According to the video, these are some of the best doors on the market. However, you should keep a couple of things in mind. Make sure the hinges of the door are in a place where they can be screwed into the wood. You should also ensure that you have good weather stripping. It should compress when you close the door, which makes for a nice tight seal.

Removal and Replacement

To remove your current door, you should cut it out at the jam using a reciprocating saw. Once you have sawed through the jam, you will need to use hook bars to gently work the door out of place. Before putting in the new door, you want to make you have a level subfloor. You may also need to raise the floor up a few inches if the new threshold is thinner than the old one. All this can be done by laying down a piece of two-by-four wood and cutting and shaping it according to the video. Once the door is in place, you will be ready to attach the hinges to the jam.