June 24, 2024

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What Does a BA in PolSci Entail?

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Oneof the more popular and useful degrees you can get is a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Political Science is sometimes shortened to “PolSci” or “PoliSci” and uses scientific rigor to examine political systems and developments. Studying this field and earning a BA PolSci can greatly increase your overall education and knowledge.

Politics is a vast topic, and in practice, people who study political science can often develop a wide degree of understanding of many different specific subjects, like international relations, the importance of the economy, elections, and more.

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Often, when you study political science, you start by building a broad foundation. Later, many students will choose to specialize in specific things.

Some people who study political science go on to work directly in politics either as elected officials or government workers. Some work on election campaigns and in similar roles. Sometimes people go on to work in completely different fields, like marketing or conducting surveys and research. The skills picked up when you study political science can be applied in many different ways.

Getting a BA in PoliSci is also a great way to prepare for graduate school. You might pursue a PhD in economics or political science. Or you could go into law school, public administration, or something similar. Political science can prepare you for many different roles and positions.