June 23, 2024

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Youth and Toddler Jumping Activities to Try at Home

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Toddlers and preschool-age children develop better motor skills and a healthy long-term routine of physical activity if their parents and/or caregivers encourage them to do jumping activities. There are several that are especially a good idea to utilize as toddler jumping activities.

1. Hopscotch

Set up a hopscotch activity for your child to use for jumping practice. You can use sidewalk chalk or sidewalk paint for this purpose if you don’t mind leaving it there for a while.

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2. Jumping to a Target Spot

Create a target spot with chalk or choose anything that’s already on the floor that your child can easily jump to and have them practice this a few times in a row. This is a fun game that helps them develop coordination and agility.

3. Jumping Onto a Step

Put a small exercise step out. Have your child hop or jump onto it in one direction. Once they have this down, you can make it more challenging by having them alternate back and forth to each side and forward and backward.

4. Jumping Jacks

This isn’t just for gym class or as a warm-up for sports practice. Kids may get frustrated a bit as they’re figuring out how to do jumping jacks, but they’ll probably have some fun and get some good skills.

There are many other options you can try at home for your toddler or young child when it comes to toddler jumping activities. Try out a bunch of them and see which are the most helpful and enjoyable.